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Sterling on Censorship

We are holding a fundraiser for Sterling of MTHFR Support. Censorship on FaceBook, YouTube and other social media platforms, has taken a toll on her financially. Sterling has recently been going through not only financial issues because of the lockdowns, she has been the sole provider of her family including 4 grandchildren for nearly [...]

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The Gut Brain Connection and Brains on Fire

The other day I watched a true story on Netflix about a young lady who worked at the New York Post and all of a sudden started having severe mental disturbances and seizures. She was misdiagnosed with several psychiatric disorders including schizophrenia. A doctor discovered that she had an autoimmune condition that impacted her NMDA [...]

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MTHFR Support News – May 2017

Introducing the new iron uptake section on Sterling’s App Iron uptake is a set of chemical reactions that maintain homeostasis of iron at both the systemic and cellular level. Some of us are genetically compromised. Many of us with leaky gut will have either low ferritin or high ferritin and genetics can make it a [...]

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Rita Needs Your Help

Rita had severe abdominal pain in the first half of 2002 of unknown origin, unrelieved by anything including several laparoscopies and dx laps. She finally ended up opting for a hysterectomy due to this. Within six months her body began to go haywire and thus started her chronic pain and illness cycle. In 2006 Rita [...]

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The Preconception eCourse Giveaway Has Been Won!

We are pleased to announce the winner of Carolyn Ledowsky’s MTHFR Preconception course giveaway is Christiane Cash. Congratulations Christiane! The giveaway is over but the course is still available! This is the ultimate guide for people with the MTHFR gene who want a step by step guide on how to prepare for pregnancy . For more [...]

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A Personal Message From Sterling

Recently my little fur baby Cujo was diagnosed with IVDD. He has degenerative disc disease at his T-spine and L-spine regions. I am doing a fundraiser for him.I give so much to the community and right now I need your help. If any of you are interested in donating to his recovery and therapies please [...]

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