What would you say is the most important thing you have to do BEFORE you fall pregnant?

You might be thinking, “ eat well” or “don’t drink” or ‘don’t be stressed! And I wouldn’t tell you that you were wrong about those things.

If you want to make sure you fall pregnant successfully you have to make sure that your folate levels are really good BEFORE you start trying.

One of the biggest mistakes I see men and women doing is to make sure that their folate levels are really good, once they ARE pregnant, but that’s too late, because typically most miscarriages happen before 3 months and its often due to a reduced folate which has affected the DNA.

Does that sound familiar?


Well, my associate in Australia, Carolyn Ledowsky, who I think is awesome by the way,  has recently come up with a step by step programme that will teach all women how to prepare for pregnancy and make sure that your folate levels are optimal going into pregnancy. This will be especially important if you have the MTHFR gene, which lowers folate levels (if you don’t know what the MTHFR gene is then click here to find out more)

I don’t often tell you about other peoples’ products, but I totally trust Carolyn’s work and fact that she only focuses on the MTHFR gene and health issues surrounding that, makes it more credible.

Carolyn has kindly offered MY readers only this special opportunity to WIN a free place in her course.



The giveaway is over, but the course is still available! To find out more and enroll, CLICK HERE.