A redesign of the site is set to start over the coming months. There will be a temporary change in URL. Stay Tuned for updates on the Home Page notice.

When does the changes happen?

  1. Temporary site address at MTHFRSupport.net will be limited to beta
  2. Once users can order, download their reports, site becomes public. Old site has a warning notice for the site becoming static and for users to migrate over to the new site.
  3. Users will be forced to migrate over a short period of time.
  4. Old site becomes read-only. All active users have been migrated over, announcement notice for switching back URLs
  5. URL is restored to its original location, old site is retired. All data has been archived.
  6. Users not migrated will be receive an email once every two months for a year.

What is in the Roadmap?

  • Right to Erasure” options
    • Users can schedule their own data to be removed
    • Request Practitioners, who have access in Sterling’s App (Only applies to Sterling’s App data)
  • 30-day Refund option for unread reports
    • Option will be available in the New Asset Management view
  • Access Audit Experience
    • When you leverage one or more Practitioners, you can see when and what reports they last accessed in a summary detail (last 15 days are at the click detail)
    • Provider can see new requests on Grant or Revoke of Access including specially the Right to Erasure requests
  • Privileged Report sharing or ordering options
    • Users (Patients) can register a Practitioner internally or externally (invitation is emailed) to access reports based on files or be given account-wide access to existing and new reports
    • Practitioners can be granted the ability to order a new report for a patient
  • New Patient Experience
    • Unified approach with searchable table to find all your files and the reports they go to.
    • Desktop view supports a split view to show actionable information on the right
  • New Practitioner Experience
    • Desktop view supports a split view to show actionable information on the right
    • Special Task View so that you never lose sight of important information or alerts related to your patients
    • Report Auditing alerts will score completeness of reports for missing snps due to Genetic Providers or updates to the Sterling App.
  • New FindAProvider Experience
    • Allow Practitioners who are registered to create and manage map locations
    • Customers will find the search experience tailored to their locations
    • Customers can opt to be notified when a new provider is in their region


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