Below is the scheduler for direct consults with Sterling! There are some requirements in order to setup a time with her, so be sure to check out the requirements.


  1. Must be an ND, MD, or PhD that is familiar with epigenetics.
    1. DCs do not have a policy codified and will need to raise a support request or use  the “Contact Us” box at the lower right corner of the page
  2. If a client, must have been given a unique, private code by their provider
  3. Must have a MTHFR Support Report. See Sterling’s App for details
  4. Consults can only be scheduled Tuesday to Saturday between 12pm CST and 7pm CST

Other Notes:

  1. No consults on Mondays, as Sterling answers business needs.
  2. Sterling holds exclusive rights to reschedule your appointment with 24hr notice or less.
  3. Sterling spends upwards of 12hrs PER CONSULT and takes very seriously the health concerns of the patient. She can only do one consult in a day

How to Book:

  1. Pick a date and time you would like to schedule. You will be added to a queue and receive a reply in 24hrs to confirm the date or another time will be requested
  2. If the date is available, you receive an invoice. Timeslots can only be held up to 72 hrs
  3. After confirming appointment, you will receive a zoom invitation. Appointments are scheduled for 1 hr, but the appointment likely lasts longer as Sterling sees necessary.
  4. After your consult, you will be sent a request for feedback on the visit. Please be kind and provide constructive feedback about your service.