Our Story

MTHFR Support is an advocate organization that supports people dealing with a wide variety of concerns, ranging from chronic fatigue syndrome, addictions, neuro-psychiatric disorders, multiple chemical sensitivities, mold issues, fibromyalgia, autism, Lyme, and many others stemming from genetic variants affecting their health.

The founder of MTHFR Support, Sterling Hill Erdei, was a highly successful businesswoman for many years until 8 years ago when she became ill with clotting issues. She went from physician to physician but her condition progressively deteriorated. She lost everything. As traditional medical thinking was failing, she reached out to the alternative medicine community and the work of Amy Yasko, PhD and Dr. Ben Lynch, discovering the world of epigenetics.

She learned the basis of her clotting issues resided in the methylation cycle. After regaining her life from treatment, Sterling realized that the medical and lay community knew little of epigenetics and nutrigenomics. She realized that these subjects were of vast importance to the health of everyone on the planet, often being the proverbial “stone that was left unturned” in chronic illness of any type.

As a result, Sterling launched MTHFRsupport.com to learn and share the knowledge of genetic polymorphisms and their affect on health. Her passion is to help educate the world of the true root cause of chronic diseases and link expert health care providers with those in need.

MTHFRsupport.com boasts a following of over 10,000, and in conjunction with “Dr. Ben and Dr. Amy”, her advocacy of epigenetics and nutrigenomics grows daily. From her adversity, Sterling Hill has become one of the greatest patient advocates of our time, consistently counseling patients about their SNP’s, and teaching health care providers the importance and methods of nutrigenomics.