Technical FAQs

When Sterling first got into methylation, all that she knew about was MTHFR (Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase). After realizing that she could not blame everything on MTHFR, Sterling wanted the world to know that there is much more to methylation than the MTHFR gene.
Go to our homepage at and look at the top of the page, in between the search bar and the sliding images; click directly on My Account (do not click on the drop-down menu options!). On the right hand side you will see ‘Register’. Fill in your email address, choose a password and click Register and voilà!
Most issues accessing your account can be solved by a simple password reset. There is a link to reset your password on the “My Account” page on our site. It can also be accessed directly here: To prevent an attacker from resetting your password without your consent, you will receive an email with instructions to follow to create a new password.
Go to our website and move your mouse over ‘About Us’ located on the top of the page. Under the drop-down menu select ‘Radio Show’. On the right side you’ll be able to browse between the archives. If you cannot find the radio show, then just click on the following link: is our customer service for technical questions, difficulties with the App, refund, and professional contact such as practitioners who would like to be listed under Find a Practitioner or media inquiries. is NOT for medical tests, interpretation, health questions and similar requests. We have a Forum where you can share all of the above and meet others alike.
Follow us on facebook and keep an eye on the main page of our site for news.
Yes! This service is world-wide.
Please make sure that you have an account on our website, and also make sure that you are logged in before trying to post on the forum. Please note: our Ask a Practitioner section has been closed down, but it’s available for viewing (for reference purposes).
All accounts from the old site have been migrated to the new site. Your information should not have changed and your previous reports are still available for you to view.
Please try again! The website should work perfectly fine after refreshing. The website may undergo occasional maintance which shouldn’t last more than 15 minutes. If this issue persist for more than 15 minutes you may contact us at:
We are working on adding new areas each and every day. We find that it is unique because of the tag words, search bars and pathway diagrams. We are working on videos to get out on the app in the near future.
We start generating your report as soon as payment is confirmed via PayPal. You should receive an email from us stating that your report is complete and providing you with a direct link to it within a few minutes if you chose an instant payment option.
We also accept data from We have found that there may be other sources that provide raw genetic data in an identical format to either 23andMe or that may work, however we can’t guarantee other sources will work.
Click on the eye icon on the right of your report next to the Trash Can icon.
If you purchased your report after February 9th, 2015, then you received the new V2 version of the report.
February 9, 2015 was the major update from V1 to V2.
New search bar, tag words, 49 pages of SNPs versus the old V1 report which has only 16 pages available. Those who already have the old version are still able to access their report meaning if you upgraded your old version to the new one, then you have two reports.
Sterling’s App is a system that generates genomic variant reports. You can use Sterling’s App to generate multiple reports for yourself, family, or patents.
The report is available as an online document with live searching and filtering of your results, or as a static, downloadable PDF document suitable for your own records or the records of your practitioner.
Go to our website and make sure you login first! On the homepage you must click on ‘Sterling’s App’ and it will redirect you to your reports. Now click the eye icon located to the right of the report’s name. That’s it!
In order to allow you to receive updates to your report we need to keep a copy of your raw data so we can refer back to it as we add new SNPs to the report. We know that your genetic information is sensitive, and we do all that we can to keep it safe and secure. You also have the ability to delete any files you have uploaded at any time using the action icons for each file. Please be aware, however, that deleting a file means we can’t guarantee future updates to your report.
If you go into your View Reports page (located here: – make sure that you are logged in first!) you will see a list of your reports. At the end of each report’s name you will see V2 and V1 from top to bottom. Just click the eye icon along the line of the V1 report and it will take you to the old report.
Unfortunately it is not possible to update older V1 reports as, at the time, we were not retaining your raw genome data which we would need to refer to in order to get results for the multitude of new SNPs on the newer V2 reports. As we are now retaining that data (unless you choose to delete your genome files yourself) we can offer free updates with new SNPs to all V2 reports going forward.
When viewing the Variant Report of the V2 version just look on the same panel where you see your -/-, +/-, +/+ results – click on the + (plus) sign located under the column named ‘More’. This will display the RS ID-s. To close it just click on the – (minus) sign.
There is a sample PDF report available. Please note that this does not feature the new tag search and filtering functions nor any additional information. Link to sample report: MTHFR Support Variant Report v2.0-Sample
We have a list of practitioners started at Please remember this field is new and no one has all of the answers. If you cannot find a practitioner in your area, many do phone and/or skype consults. Find a Practitioner:
No, we don’t. Sterling’s App offers a Variant Report which was originally designed for practitioners who treat the body as whole. It can be dangerous in the hands of individuals who are only focusing on SNPs alone. That’s why we keep preaching that self-treatment can be dangerous. As Sterling Hill Erdei always says: “If it ain’t broke and you try to fix it, it will break”. Always work with a practitioner to avoid negative reactions or irreversible damage.
You should never try to treat yourself. Just because you have a SNP, does not mean that it is compromised. Anyone who is doing this should contact a practitioner who is familiar with nutrigenomics, DNA methylation. Find a Practitioner:
After you run your report through Sterling’s App, you will see a download into a PDF button. The PDF can be emailed to your practitioner.
When viewing your Variant Report you will see an Adobe Reader icon on the right. Click it, download the PDF and it’s done. The PDF file requires Adobe Reader, which is a free PDF reader software and can be found by clicking the link above.
Just download your report as a PDF file (click on Adobe Reader icon) and after opening it click the printer icon.
Try clicking on the line of text under the Adobe PDF icon. Please be patient as it can take some time (up to 30 seconds if the site is under heavy load) for your report to be converted into PDF format. If that doesn’t work, then please send a message to
That depends on the specific promotional coupon code you’re attempting to use. Please contact our customer support for assistance. Make sure that if you’re trying to use a promo code then it’s still active (check dates)!
Make sure all required fields are filled out and you’ve agreed to the terms of service.
The new report’s searching and filtering capabilities and general size make it more difficult to view on small screened mobile devices. Tablets, such as the iPad, or other mobile devices with large screens should be fine, but for phones and other small devices we recommend downloading the PDF copy of your report and viewing that. We are currently looking at ways to optimize the features of the report for display on smaller devices.
It’s possible. Everybody’s genotype is different, therefore the results will differ as well. Remember that just because you have a SNP it doesn’t mean it’s expressing. However, if your report would show homozygous SNPs at each line, then that may be due to a technical issue. Note: we’ve never seen a technical problem like that before.
23andMe switched from V3 chip to V4 back in November, 2013. All 23andMe kits since December, 2013 are being shipped with the new chip which covers nearly half as many snps as the V3 chip. If a specific SNP shows “not genotyped” in your raw data, but is supposed to be on your Sterling’s App report, then it’s because of the newer V4 chip that 23andMe switched to (since November, 2013). An example would be the SHMT1 gene, but there are several others. If you’d like to see what genes are covered on an older V3 chip, then please check out our sample report located here: MTHFR Support Variant Report v2.0-Sample
First and most importantly, make sure you are logged into our site. For the security of your genetic information, your reports will not be viewable if you are not logged in. Visit the “My Account“ link to log in. Your report is not emailed to you directly, rather once complete it can be viewed and downloaded on our site. Instructions are included in the email you receive letting you know that your report is complete. A direct link to your report is also provided. All your reports can be viewed on our site at Use the action icons to view (eye) or delete (trash bin) any report you’ve previously ordered. If you did not receive an email from us, please contact us.
First and most importantly, make sure you are logged into our website before proceeding. For the security of your genome, guests are not permitted to upload files or order reports. If you experience a consistent error message while attempting to upload your genome file, please try downloading your genome again. Rarely a download can be corrupted or if the genome file in question has been accidentally altered if it’s been opened and saved. If you still have trouble, please contact us and we can take a look at the file to see if there’s anything unusual about it. For more info:
Thanks to recent changes Sterling’s App can now accept raw zip files as well as raw text files. If you have trouble zipping your raw data, you can skip that step and upload it as text. Please do not modify the text file in any way before uploading as this may cause it not to be recognized as a genome file.
Our reporting system can process your raw genomic data as either a zip file or a text file. Zip files will be much smaller than text files and will therefore upload to our site more quickly. In addition to that, because of the way a zip file is structured, it’s easy for our system to tell if the upload was interrupted. For those reasons we still recommend zip files, but if you have any trouble getting your raw data to save as a zip file, you can upload your text file and it will work just fine.
Please use our Forum for that and we will respond to the topic as soon as possible.
Anyone prior to November of 2013 got the V3 chip from 23andme which contains nearly one million SNPs. After November 2013, people who did their 23andme got the V4 version and get about half a million SNPs. 23andme changes their version of chips every few years.
23andMe switched from V3 chip to V4 back in November, 2013. All 23andMe kits since December, 2013 are being shipped with the new chip which covers nearly half as many snps as the V3 chip. If a specific SNP shows “not genotyped” in your raw data, but is supposed to be on your Sterling’s App report, then it’s because of the newer V4 chip that 23andMe switched to (since November, 2013). An example would be the SHMT1 gene, but there are several others. If you’d like to see what genes are covered on an older V3 chip, then please check out our sample report located here: MTHFR Support Variant Report v2.0-Sample
We have a new pathway coming out in the near future. Several new genes (including NOD2) will be added in a future update. Follow us on facebook and our website for more info.
We have the risk allele just like Dr. Amy Yasko’s test has.
VDR FOK is not tested through
If you are implying on Dr. Amy Yasko’s version of SUOX, then unfortunately 23andMe does not test for that particular SNP, however 23andMe does offer other SUOX SNPs.
You will see this down the road not only for MAO-A and MAO-B, but others. The reason for this is because the MAO gene is located on X chromosome. Males will only inherit one allele, hence the single + or -. Females on the other hand will inherit copies from both parents, hence the +/+, -/- or +/-.
Every individual SNP on our variant reports are researched by our team before they are included. Our approach has lead to more reliable results than other apps that seek to broaden their library more quickly, but lack the expert manual validation that we perform.
Protocols do not work. Each and every person’s DNA is different. It is unique to you. And again, just because there is a SNP, does not mean that it is compromised. Dr. Steven Gundry states it best: “Your DNA is the hand that you have been dealt and how you play your hand will result in the outcome”. At MTHFR Support we treat the person and not the SNP.
When you are viewing your results please find the column called ‘More’ and click on the + (plus) sign next to the SNP.
We have practitioners all over the world who specialize in methylation. Just go to our Find a Practitioner section located at: Most of them do phone and/or Skype consultations. Sterling Hill Erdei has been doing interpretations since the day her first Variant Report was created. Due to scheduling difficulties she decided to stop with consults after March 31st, 2015. Good news is that she will start doing webinars in the near future. Follow our facebook page and our website for more updates!
Please navigate to our Find a Practitioner section located here:
Prices may vary from practitioner to practitioner. Please go to our Find a Practitioner section on the website located here and ask them personally by contacting them: We are not associated with practitioners other than giving them free space under our website’s Find a Practitioner section. Some of them offer a short, free of charge consult and/or chat, introduction so that way the patient can decide whether to go with that practitioner or find someone else.
One option is to run the report yourself and once your report is complete, download the PDF export of your report. That file is minimally sized and should be small enough for any inbox to accept. There are also many FREE email services (gmail, yahoo, etc…) that allow for attachments large enough to email raw data.
You may be searching for a practitioner who is not on our list yet. Have your practitioner contact us if you’d like to see him/her on our website.
Send an e-mail to with an introduction, and please make sure that you list your information (clinic name, practitioner name and certification, website, e-mail, phone and/or fax). Note: we only allow practitioners who are well-versed in DNA methylation/epigenetics, and are familiar with the use of Sterling’s App and Variant Report interpretations.
The Genome Report Tutorial will provide you with a general overview of the report and skills to find genes, SNPs/rsID#s, risk alleles and studies. These skills will assist you in researching genes and health conditions not covered by Sterling’s App and the 23andMe Health Reports. The 1 – 2 hr tutorial is done live via Skype.
No, it is not the same. Please read through the information page here for details of what you will be shown during the tutorial.
No, SNPs are not discussed during the Genome Report Tutorial.
No, the Genome Report Tutorial does not include interpretation of your report.
No, the tutorial does not teach you how to interpret your report.
Information about the tutorial content and how to book can be found here:
Please read through the information page here first then email
to book an appointment if you wish to proceed.
Please follow this link: There is a short section at the end of that tutorial about PayPal issues.
The most common problem is that PayPal will reject any attempt to use an email address or credit card number that’s already linked with one of their existing accounts unless you are signed into that account. While this does help prevent unauthorized use of your credit card, it can be confusing because PayPal will automatically create an account for you if you’ve used their service before unless you specifically opt out therefore many people can already have a PayPal account without necessarily being aware of it.
At the moment we use PayPal’s service only, but it’s our future plan to expand and allow other services due to the issues some people experience with PayPal.
If you experience any difficulties using PayPal, then please read the FAQ where you will find the solution for PayPal related issues.
If, for any reason, you would like a refund on a report (e.g. your raw data was incomplete, or a report was accidentally ordered twice) just contact us at our technical support email address and we’ll be happy to issue you a refund.
No, once you have paid the one time $30 for Sterling’s new app, your variant report for this new version comes with free updates.
Follow us on facebook and keep an eye on our website’s news for future updates. We’ll let you know when updates are available and what they contain.
Please go to the following link to meet Our Team where you can find Sterling’s Bio as well:
No, Sterling is not a doctor. However she teaches doctors all over the world and appears as main speaker on conferences such as the’s conference. Please go here for more information:
Sterling Hill Erdei has been doing interpretations since the day her first Variant Report was created. Due to scheduling difficulties she decided to stop with consults after March 31st, 2015. Good news is that she will start doing webinars in the near future. Follow our facebook page and our website for more updates!

General Health FAQs

MTHFR stands for methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase.

MTHFR provides instructions for making methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase.

The catalytic activity for MTHFR is 5-methyltetrahydrofolate and NAD(P). NAD(P) stands for Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate.

The cofactor for MTHFR is FAD. FAD is Flavin adenine dinucleotide. This molecule consists of riboflavin found in vitamin B2.

The enzyme regulation for MTHFR is S-adenosylmethionine better known is SAMe. SAMe is a common cosubstrate involved in methyl group transfers.

The most common SNPs (which stands for singular nucleotide polymorphisms) that are tested are C677T and A1298C.

When someone has a defect at one of these enzymes he or she can have an array of problems related to folate deficiency such as neural tube defects, spina bifida, elevated homocysteine, poor methylation issues, miscarriage, cancers and autoimmune diseases.

Find a good support system. There are many support groups on the internet that will assist you with your questions. Also finding a doctor or nutritionist that understands MTHFR and methylation is very important.

Just because you have an MTHFR SNP does not mean it is expressing. Many people have MTHFR but who are the ones in need for L-Methylfolate?
If folic acid levels are high, this is a strong indication that MTHFR is could be compromised. People who have this gene compromised will have trouble converting folic into the more active bioavailable form of folate so in turn you will see folate low if they are not getting folate rich foods like eggs, leafy greens, beans and berries.

The next step would be for your doctor to test whole serum folate. If you are eating a diet rich in natural folate such as leafy greens, beans, eggs and berries and your folate is still low, then your doctor will want to consider giving you a more active bioavailable form of folate.

When folate levels are not extremely low. Many people have done well on just 400mcg-800mcg of folate daily along with a folate (not folic) rich diet. Giving too much L-methylfolate to certain individuals can cause a back up in high folic acid levels for the folate that they are not utilizing. Unmetabolized folic acid is one of the risk factors in colorectal cancer. Excess folic acid (not folate) can then burn out folate receptors. High levels of L-methylfolate can put a burden on people with COMT V158M and H62H who have a hard time breaking down dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine. Methyl donors like L-methylfolate can elevate epinephrine and lead to anxiety and panic attacks in individuals when COMT V158M and H62H are compromised.
You should be concerned about autoimmune diseases since folate plays a role in the immune system. Many people with MTHFR compromised have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is not the best test for these individuals. Testing must go much further. T3, T4, reverse T3/ T4, TG (thyroglobulin), TGAF (thyroblobulin antibody) and TPO (thyroid peroxidase).
Again if you have concern, please find a doctor who will listen and run the proper tests before they say that there is nothing to worry about. When MTHFR is compromised there is much to worry about.
What is your homocysteine? Many doctors and nutritionists that know methylation and MTHFR are saying that a homocysteine between 6-8 is good and others are saying between a 7-9. If your homocysteine is over 9, there is a possibility that MTHFR is compromised and if it is below a 6 MTHFR could be compromised.
Your dosages should coincide with your b12 levels and many doctors that understand methylation can assist with this. Methylcobalamin is the most active form of B12 and the one that most doctors that know about methylation and MTHFR prescribe but it is not a good idea for people with COMT V158M and H62H compromised. Individuals with these COMT genes usually need to do hydroxy and/or adenosyl B12. Methylcobalamin can do more oxidative damage to people with COMT compromised.
Most people who have psoriasis have had pretty bad flare ups when taking L-Methylfolate. First what is causing the hyper reactive immune system should be looked into. What is causing the psoriasis? Diet, gluten,dairy, soy allergy, etc…
When folate is low glutathione will be low. Folate and MTHFR are part of the methylation pathway. Glutathione production is the end result of methylation. Glutathione is Mother Nature’s antioxidant. Without glutathione we cannot detox environmental toxins from the body and disease sets in.
Any disease related to low glutathione.
Yes it is. Folate deficiency, infertility and miscarriage is directly linked to MTHFR. Your OB/GYN should know the difference between folic acid and folate. Folate is what you need and folic is not what you need since people with MTHFR have a hard time converting folic into folate.
Yes. If MTHFR is compromised and your whole serum folate is low, methotrexate inhibits folate production. Low folate can lead to autoimmune diseases.
Visit our forum here. We will do our best to answer them.
When oxalates are elevated, oxalic acid can shut off the folate cycle and many times must be addressed before folate supplementation can assist in getting folate levels up.