Variant Report v2.8 – Sulfite/Sulfate/Oxelate Transport

Version 2.8 of our flagship Variant Report has just been released and is available for purchase! All reports previously run are being updated to v2.8 as fast as we can. As usual the process should be done within a week, so long as you haven’t requested the removal of your genome file, so check back [...]

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The Gut Brain Connection and Brains on Fire

The other day I watched a true story on Netflix about a young lady who worked at the New York Post and all of a sudden started having severe mental disturbances and seizures. She was misdiagnosed with several psychiatric disorders including schizophrenia. A doctor discovered that she had an autoimmune condition that impacted her NMDA [...]

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Upcoming Summit from MTHFR Support AU

Attention all practitioners interested in methylation and Genomics. The US methylation and Genomics summit is coming to Chicago in July. Please put this in your diary. There will be a basics class online leading up to the event for those of you that are new to this subject and feel like you need a refresher [...]

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My NES Health Testimonial

I recently did something for my health that really surprised me. I tried Bioenergetics - a program called NES Health - with my friend Wendy Myers of She'd been asking me to try it for a few months. I'd have tried it sooner had I known how fast and effective my results would be! [...]

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Variant Report Update – New Molybdenum Section

The Variant Report of Sterling’s App now has a new Molybdenum section. Molybdenum when in excess can elevate uric acid levels and also disrupt other minerals. When molybdenum is deficient is can impair sulfation. So molybdenum like other minerals require balance. There are some out there with certain SUOX mutations who may require more molybdenum [...]

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from MTHFR Support

It's that time of the year again and in the spirit of the holidays MTHFR Support is pleased to offer discounts on our reports from Sterling's app for the next two weeks leading up to Christmas! There's no promo codes and nothing you have to do; all reports are simply discounted once in the shopping [...]

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The Endocannabinoid System

The endocannabinoid system plays a crucial part in the pathophysiology of autism. Major protective brain mechanisms are interrupted and neuroinflammation ensues. Organophosphates are potent inhibitors of crucial brain enzymes. The systemic consequences of defective microglial signaling, nagalase surges, and GcMAF metabolism are tightly interconnected into the basic idea that autism is an environmentally triggered neuroinflammatory [...]

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