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What is Epigenetics, anyways?

What is Epigenetics, anyways? There is a field in genetics called “epigenetics”. It is the study of genetic changes and their effects on the body that are NOT caused by changes in DNA sequence. Most genetic disorders are not compatible with life, however understanding the epigenetic changes (called SNPs) that have taken place in your [...]

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How To Prevent Heme, Oxidized Iron, & Iron Binding Capacity Issues

Sodium Chlorite Made With Hydrochloric Acid Or Ascorbic Acid And The Use Of Electron Transport Water And Dandelion Root In People With HFE H63D, HFE C282Y, HFE S65C And G6PD Class I, II & III Mutations To Prevent Heme, Oxidized Iron, & Iron Binding Capacity Issues The use of electron transport [...]

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Make Your Own High-quality Ionic/Colloidal Silver

Sterling Will be speaking at an event in Kenner, Louisiana on November 20th! Click below to see the schedule and register to attend! Tickets are limited! Click Here to See Sterling Speak! Make Your Own High-quality Ionic/Colloidal Silver Silver has [...]

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Clean Air and a Healthier You

A Restful Night For You And Your Family - Why You Need An Air Purifier An air purifier can help relieve symptoms of asthma and inflammation. Pollutants such as pet fur, pollen, or dust mites may irritate the airways, causing difficulty breathing. When breathing becomes difficult, it can impact your sleep in [...]

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All Things Himalayan Salt

All Things Himalayan Salt By now you've heard of Himalayan salt, but do you know why so many people swear by it? The first thing you need to know about Himalayan salt is it's old. Ancient even. For more than 200 million years it has been secluded in an isolated part of [...]

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The Health Benefits of Hemp Oil

The Health Benefits of Hemp Oil Hemp oil has been making waves recently for the wide array of heal benefits it can provide. An explosion of recent research has been showing the mainstream what we've known for a while now. According to a WebMD article, hemp oil has been proven to: Improve [...]

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