What is Epigenetics, anyways?

There is a field in genetics called “epigenetics”. It is the study of genetic changes and their effects on the body that are NOT caused by changes in DNA sequence. Most genetic disorders are not compatible with life, however understanding the epigenetic changes (called SNPs) that have taken place in your body can empower you with tremendous knowledge and guide your doctor/health care provider to avoid many health care crises that you may have otherwise experienced.


Lots of providers broadcast their “discovery” of ancient or unseen knowledge and offer single packages supposedly to cure ailments. There are a lot of them out there, and some of the genuinely have good services to offer. However, to be safe in healthcare, you need a rigorous, scientific approach that avoids bad ideas and never forgets the person in the data. That in essence is epigenetics and why it is becoming more integrated with everyday healthcare. (Epigenetics Market Size | Report 2020 – 2030 | Industry Growth (alliedmarketresearch.com)


You see, once we know which SNPs you have, we can design a diet and nutritional program to help you ‘bypass’ the mutation which will allow your body to work as close to normal as possible. Isn’t that amazing?  Armed with this knowledge about your genes, you no longer have to be in the dark, unable to truly explain your health state or make good health decisions that could save your life and/or thousands of dollars in unnecessary treatments (and in some cases, permanent!)


You can take your health into your own hands. Many people who are here and who seek out our professional services are the most proactive health care consumers there are. Unfortunately, that also may be because they are dealing with chronic illnesses that nobody in traditional medicine has been able to help them conquer.


MTHFR Support exists to educate and connect a community of providers and learners who are committed to health. You can find an ever-growing list of practitioners in your region, health supplements, (upcoming) swag to spread the word to new friends and family, and all tied together in Sterling’s App to make the complex more understandable and enable your provider to make the best decision.

What are your thoughts on the post? Is there more about Epigenetics that you want to understand?