Low Dose Naltrexone VS. Your Polymorphysm

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Low Dose Naltrexone VS.
Your Polymorphysm

A quote from our facebook page by the founder, Sterling Hill:

“For all of my LDN people out there. People with the G allele for OPRM1 rs1799971 have a better outcome when using naltrexone than people with the A allele. This study was done on naltrexone and not the low dose. Here is what 23andme states:

As part of a much larger study, researchers studied the effect of genetics on naltrexone effectiveness in treating alcohol dependence by comparing 146 patients who received naltrexone to 161 who received a placebo. All 307 patients also received counseling about adherence to their medication plans. The researchers found that SNP rs1799971 in the OPRM1 gene influenced the likelihood that a person taking naltrexone would have a “good clinical outcome,” which was defined by either abstinence or moderate drinking without problems.

Patients with a G at one or both copies of rs1799971 were more than five times as likely to have a good clinical outcome compared to those with the AA genotype.”

Sterling Hill, CEO of MTHFR Support

Are you interested in finding out your OPRM1 status? Then head over to
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MY LABS FOR LIFE, LLC provides confidential clinical laboratory services promoting wellness, prevention and early detection of disease.

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