Sterling Hill
Sterling HillCEO, Founder

The founder of MTHFR Support, Sterling Hill Erdei, was a highly successful businesswoman for many years until 11 years ago when she became ill with clotting issues. She went from physician to physician but her condition progressively deteriorated. She lost everything. As traditional medical thinking was failing, she reached out to the alternative medicine community and the world of epigenetics.

She learned the basis of her clotting issues resided in the sulfation and methylation cycle. After regaining her life from treatment, Sterling realized that the medical and lay community knew little of epigenetics and nutrigenomics. She realized that these subjects were of vast importance to the health of everyone on the planet, often being the proverbial “stone that was left unturned” in chronic illness of any type.

As a result, Sterling launched to learn and share the knowledge of genetic polymorphisms and their affect on health. Her passion is to help educate the world of the true root cause of chronic diseases and link expert health care providers with those in need.

Since then Sterling has created genetic apps for the alternative medicine community. She helps people get to the root cause when it comes to diet and environmental factors that impact DNA and teaches practitioners and scientists around the world how to pinpoint pathways that may be compromised in their most difficult patients. Sterling teaches them how to manipulate compromised genetics with nutrition and supplementation.

MTHFR Support has come a long way. Sterling is now researching with MIT’s Stephanie Seneff realizing that one of the reasons that many people are chronically ill is because of glyphosate. Her knowledge of this area has grown immensely and she has now become one of the leading researchers/advocates speaking out about the dangers of glyphosate and how it impacts DNA.

Cynthia Smith
Cynthia SmithBSEE, JD, Nutrigenomic Specialist

Life Zone Wellness

Cynthia has developed a passion for functional medicine, clinical nutrition and genetics/nutrigenomics. Her desire is to assist individuals with complex conditions that have been recalcitrant to traditional forms of therapy.

She utilizes nutrition, genetics and a comprehensive health history. She is also familiar with interpreting medical testing, Genova Diagnostic testing, NeuroSciences testing, Cyrex testing, immune system testing and many others. She also has a wide breadth of knowledge of supplements, herbs, glandulars and the various companies who make and sell them.