MTHFR is not a disease. It is a gene. *Mike drop*

There, I said it. Who told you otherwise?

Whether traditional or the lack of structured information, many of you do not understand gut function, adrenals, hormones, neurotransmitters, organic acids, nutrition, amino acids, and other genes play a role in methylation and MTHFR. It may not even be expressing negatively!

Take an example from a client:

I’d really like to see more information on what us sufferers of this disease can do and latest research out there instead of everything else BUT information on mthfr.

 Thank you kindly

 a diseased sufferer

The problem here is MTHFR is not a disease. It is a gene. Even if you find more information, you are not looking at the entire picture when you look exclusively at MTHFR. Just look at a few of the different pathways for MTHFR:

  1. The catalytic activity for MTHFR is methylfolate and niacin.
  2. The cofactor is d ribose and riboflavin.
  3. The enzymatic activity is SAMEe.

Then MTHFS works with it and the cofactor is magnesium.

Then MTR works with it and you need methionine

Then COMT works with it

Then the need for niacin goes into play with lower dose folate and methylb12 is contradicted and needs to be traded out with adenosly and/or hydroxyl b12.

These are just a few things.

Now consider folate and how there is much than MTHFR and more than just alleles A1298C and C677T.

  1. We pull out 13 on our variant report and the people who have been homozygous for more than 9 mutations, have been found to have BH4 deficiency and low dopamine and elevated phenols as people with COMT.
  2. I have met people who take high dose methylfolate and methylb12 and end in a hospital, like I did, for 6 days on morphine when they went from hypomethylation to hypermethylation.
  3. People with DHFR cannot convert folic into folate.
  4. People with SLC19A1 have trouble transporting folate to the cell wall.
  5. People with FOLR burn out their folate receptors on their brain when they consume folic not to be mistaken with folate.
  6. People with SHMT C1420T sometimes need folinic acid for MTHFR to function properly but if they have MTHFS, folinic acid may backfire.

See how focusing on just MTHFR is not enough?

Quite literally, many people are and still are getting injured just doing high dose methylfolate and methylb12 because methylation is a MUCH larger picture. Instead of self-treating, you could have a gene test, start a program like the one I have created, get educated and then work with a practitioner who understands nutrigenomics/epigenetics. Sterling’s App exists to bridge the gap between analytics and your case and is at a great value compared to other systems.

Again, this is nothing easy and just because you have an MTHFR SNP does NOT mean it is expressing.


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