My dear reader, oftentimes people look to single “pet” issues or “quick” fixes only to end up settling for marginal progression, if at all.

We have to stop treating SNPs and single pet issues and look at the person as a whole

Part of this is just human nature… we are used to instant gratification. Whether it is a protocol, pill, detox, supplement, energy work, homeopathic remedy, myriads of other modalities, or classic elimination diets that have claims of the end result we want…so much of it appeals to the desperate, disinterested, or the uneducated who are inflicted with chronic problems. The same can be said of single SNPs/issue providers who know this and feed off of them.

Of course, the simple observation is that for many people, some of these providers actually address the main complaint. We should celebrate these niche providers who have brought real relief to many individuals. However, for the majority of us, the never-ending search for the experience of others, placebo affects, or systemically lowered expectations leave us feeling lost and frustrated.

You might even be reading this very page looking for unknown answers.

Whether by conditioning or not, there are many providers and unfortunate people who are or have been convinced their single pet issue is all they need to work on to achieve the health they desire. Whether MTHFR SNPs or the ever popular everything-is-detox-or-parasites mentality, many people are left behind in both health and wealth… and some of these providers churn out their expensive 6-month packages without even an apology or end blaming the individual for their lack of skill/education. We should stop being a victim of ourselves and of other providers (both well-meaning and the greedy) by understanding this mystery.

We have to stop treating SNPs and single pet issues and look at the person as a whole. Environmental factors, nutrition, gut function, adrenals, thyroid, genetics, neuro and a several other factors are involved as research is continuing to show. You first must do other diagnosing to see the big picture see.

When you go directly to a single concept like methylation and MTHFR, you are still not addressing the entire situation. Why just change the oil in your car if you know the tires are flat and the battery is dead? It is time to embrace for yourself that you are a person, and you deserve being treated as a whole person. Stop settling for less…