The other day I watched a true story on Netflix about a young lady who worked at the New York Post and all of a sudden started having severe mental disturbances and seizures. She was misdiagnosed with several psychiatric disorders including schizophrenia. A doctor discovered that she had an autoimmune condition that impacted her NMDA receptors and caused inflammation on the left lobe of her brain. She was the 24th person that was diagnosed with this autoimmune condition and since then thousands have been diagnosed and treated and given their lives back. Makes you wonder just how many schizophrenics actually have this condition. Here is a link to the trailer.


Then there is PANS and PANDAS. A Cunningham Panel can be done on people with mental health issues and you will see that more than 90% of them actually have brain inflammation and neuroimmune disorders. We must put a stop to this barbaric insanity in the psychiatric community. As we wake up and evolve we see that what we thought we knew is not what it is and once the issue is discovered we must change the way we look at mental health issues so we can reverse and cure. Yes everyone, the truth is coming to light but our medical system refuses to see this truth and wants to keep on throwing drugs to manage when we now have answers that can eventually bring us one step closer to cures. The Cunningham Panel can be acquired here PANS and PANDAS Parents Resource Center – Moleculera Labs And there are grants for those in need of financial assistance. This is not only for children but adults can benefit from this as well. Here is a simple short video with Dr. Cunningham explaining the panel.


Then my wonderful friend Grace Liu at is studying how the gut impacts the brain and developing gut healing products to help our children and even adults that have been misdiagnosed with mental health disorders and actually have neuroinflammation. Most with mental health issues have gut microbial imbalances. Too much bad and not enough good can cause brain inflammation. Remember the vagus nerve connects the brain and the GI tract. So it is a given that most mental health issues begin in the GI tract.

Grace is putting on a microbiome summit. I will be speaking at this summit for those who are interested.


I have focused my research and my app at MTHFR Support on how SNPs impact the the brain and mental health when gut microbial is imbalanced. To give you a better idea of how this works I will simplify it the best way I can. The GAD gene is responsible for breaking down glutamate into GABA. And if the probiotic lactobacillus rhamnosus (L. rhamnosus) becomes deficient in someone who is homozygous for multiple GAD mutations and there is poor B6 activity (b6 activity is the cofactor for the GAD gene) these individuals could end up with elevated glutamate and deficient in GABA. Glutamate is an excitotoxin and GABA is a calming neurotransmitter. Many people with opiate addiction, heroin addiction, alcohol addiction and benzodiazepine addiction are running low on L rhamnosus. Opiates, heroin, alcohol and benzos can temporarily make GABA. L. rhamnosus and B6 activity help aid in the production of GABA. L rhamnosus increases GABA(Aα2) in the hippocampus. L. rhamnosus (JB-1) reduces stress-induced corticosterone and anxiety. The neurochemical and behavioral effects identifying the vagus nerve as a major communication pathway between the bacteria exposed to the gut and the brain.

To see what your GAD genes look like you can download Sterling’s App if you have done your 23andme or DNA Ancestry.

Sadly the majority of psychiatrists, gastroenterologists and neurologists are clueless. Never take a diagnosis and a pill as the final answer. Always do your homework.

Sterling Hill

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