Introducing the new iron uptake section on Sterling’s App

Iron uptake is a set of chemical reactions that maintain homeostasis of iron at both the systemic and cellular level. Some of us are genetically compromised. Many of us with leaky gut will have either low ferritin or high ferritin and genetics can make it a little more difficult to rebalance our minerals. In the future we hope to get more mineral pathways out.
Enjoy this update. The iron uptake section will be automatically updated on the variant report.

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Previous Variant Reports on your account will be updated over the course of the next week.



Future Speaking Engagements

For those of you interested in hearing Sterling speak she has a few upcoming dates:


Interested in a New Book to Read?

Stephanie Seneff has just published a new book.

Dr. Seneff weaves her research into a fictionalized story of two mothers on a quest to determine why everyone’s health has deteriorated.

Dr. Erica is the mother of an autistic child and pediatric physician who has teamed up with her best friend, Cindy, to help find answers for her son’s and her patients’ health issues. The autism spectrum was not covered well when she went to medical school, because the autism rate in 1970 was only 1 in 2,222 – compared to 1 in 68 today. At the time, it was called childhood schizophrenia with very little research available and no effective treatments.

Together, the two mothers slowly uncover the multiple biological reasons for this autism epidemic, and they identify the toxic chemicals in the environment that plausibly explain the epidemic. They become obsessed with solving the riddle of autism, and they discover that many other diseases alarmingly on the rise are also connected to this web of toxicity.

This is a must read for all concerned with the autism epidemic and the overreach of Big Pharma and the Agrochemical Industry!

It can be purchased here:



GcMAF is Back!

Candice Bradstreet at Reactivated Wellness has recently launched a new line of GcMAF.
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New Changes to the Variant Report Coming in the Next Week

MTHFR Support is working on making the variant report more user friendly. You will see some changes on Sterling’s App in the next few weeks. It is getting a little frustrating having to reprint out the entire variant report since it has grown. Our IT team is working on resolving this issue. In the next week or two you will see that we are making it to where you will have the option to download the entire variant report or just a section/pathway.


MTHFR Support will be providing PDF’s for many of the sections on the variant report. Now you will be able to print out a PDF of individual pathways giving a summary of how the pathways work and how the genes function.




Finding It Frustrating to Search for a Doctor to Get Certain Labs?

My Labs For Life is one of my favorite websites to go to when I cannot get a lab from my doctor. My Labs For Life was created by a nurse practitioner who saw many people without insurance and others who just could not find a practitioner who would order a certain lab.  My labs for life works with several labs around the US who works out deals to get the most affordable rates out there for people who are without insurance and people that just have trouble getting certain labs from their doctor. Remember that when ordering labs without a doctor’s order, insurance will not cover them.