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When Other Genes Are Not Functioning They Can Impact MTHFR

DAO DAO Catalyzes the degradation of compounds such as putrescine, histamine, spermine, and spermidine, substances involved in allergic and immune responses, cell proliferation, tissue differentiation, tumor formation, and possibly apoptosis. Placental DAO is thought to play a role in the regulation of the female reproductive function. DAO is calcium, copper, zinc and quinone binding. [...]

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More Information on GcMAF

Lots of new information about why your vitamin D3 may be converting into 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d then not breaking down to eventually make GcMAF   What is 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d? Vitamin D is rapidly metabolized in the liver to form 25-hydroxy (OH) vitamin D. Additional hydroxylation of 25-OH vitamin D takes place in [...]

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Impacts To Our SNPs via Food/Toxins and the Resulting Domino Effect On Their Genetic Expression

You are more susceptible to viruses when Vitamin B6 (B6) and the amino acid, lysine, are low. Why? Without B6 the spleen cannot clear pyrroles. Without lysine, B6 cannot be utilized. Without B6 the body makes endogenous oxalates. Oxalates can come from food we eat, some considered very healthy, or they can be made by [...]

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In Memory of Paige Adams

Lyme disease took another beautiful life; Paige Adams, a nurse practitioner who dedicated her life to helping, healing and loving others passed away last night. I do not know much as of yet but I will let everyone know that she was an advocate for alternative medicine and battling Lyme disease herself. Paige and I [...]

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Introducing the Excipient Report!

MTHFR SUPPORTS NEW EXCIPIENT APP   We are happy to introduce our new excipient app.   Excipients are inactive substances that serve as the vehicle or medium for a drug or other active substances.   Remember we are all unique and how one person reacts to an excipient can be completely different than the next [...]

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December 2015 News & Updates

Sterling’s App Updates & National Geographic We’ve been diligently working to add support for genomes from services other than 23andMe. Recently our work has come to a head and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve begun beta testing support for genomes from and National Geographic. We’re currently seeking volunteers to help us [...]

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Sterling’s App, The New Version!

Listen to this fantastic radio show in which Dr. Jess Armine interviews the creator of MTHFR Support & Sterling's App, the one and only Sterling Hill Erdei! In this radio show Dr. Jess and Sterling discuss the new App and it's features, general health and well-being, complex cases, research techniques and more. Check Out Health [...]

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The Institute for Methylation and Bioindividualized Medicine (MABIM) has been hard at work since our Philadelphia conference was first announced trying to improve and extend our plans and educational material. That hard work has paid off and we have two exciting announcements to make. Announcing CME Credits Our conference has been awarded 14 hours of [...]

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  You’ve been diagnosed with MTHFR, now what is the next step? Find a good support system. There are many support groups on the internet that will assist you with your questions. Also finding a doctor or nutritionist that understands MTHFR and methylation is very important.   Just because you have an MTHFR SNP does [...]

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