We are holding a fundraiser for Sterling of MTHFR Support. Censorship on FaceBook, YouTube and other social media platforms, has taken a toll on her financially.
Sterling has recently been going through not only financial issues because of the lockdowns, she has been the sole provider of her family including 4 grandchildren for nearly a year.
Sterling started to fall ill a few months ago and now doctors are looking into baroreflex failure, pheochromocytoma, carotid issues from her C spine trauma 26 years ago and has recently been diagnosed with COVID. She is dealing with critically high blood pressure spikes.
Because of the financial strain of taking on her son’s family and censorship, she lost her insurance and is now having to raise money to see a cardiologist, pay cash for an MRA and also pay for a cardiovascular surgical visit. She is also in a situation where she is working on moving after she is cleared from COVID .
Sterling has given so much to so many of us. Now it is time that we try to give to her. If you cannot donate, please share.

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Sterling on Censorship

Here in the United States, where I founded MTHFR Support <8> years ago, it’s ingrained in our culture that censorship is abhorrent. It’s written into the very foundation of our government. The First Amendment prohibits Congress from making any law impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble, respecting an establishment of religion,or prohibiting the right to petition the government.
Unfortunately, while these rules prevent government from censoring the public, they do not prohibit mainstream mass media or social media companies from censorship on their own platforms and networks. That does not make censorship on these platforms any less disturbing. Even setting aside the news media, in the last few weeks I have personally witnessed posts from sites such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Pinterest about the important issues that are plaguing our society be suppressed. This is a dangerous precedent for us all.
Obviously in my line of work I’m personally concerned with the health related issues because some of them have the potential to seriously injure or kill large portions of the population over the next decade. Some of them are being suppressed by a pharmaceutical and healthcare industry focused on making money by selling one-size-fits-all treatments instead of personalized cures. However, I also want to be clear that I find any censorship detestable.
We live in a world of extremely complex and multifaceted issues that take time and thought to understand, issues that are completely misrepresented in sensationalized news stories. It is far too easy for the wealthy and powerful organizations of the world to control the conversation by paying to promote simple sound bites that sound good but don’t represent the whole truth while suppressing any other messages.
In the coming years remember:

  1. Educate yourself. There are limitless resources at your fingertips on the internet. You can find some on my personal Facebook page, but I encourage you to find your own. Do not rely on mainstream mass or social media to understand issues for you. They care first and foremost about their own bank accounts.
  2.  Be aware of the suppression and censorship that is occuring. Oppose it wherever you see it. The more people they have to silence, the more obvious their censorship becomes and the more enraged the average people will be.
  3.  The truth shall set you freeWe wish everyone a beautiful, fulfilling and positively abundant 2021 and a cencorship free America,

– Sterling Hill-Erdei, Founder MTHFR Support

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Right now, every cell in your body is being bathed in electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). These EMFs are produced by your cell phone, computer, tablet, home appliances, and even your car. That’s a problem because EMFs can cause fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, sleep problems, and a host of other conditions by disrupting your body’s energetic field.

You may have heard of the energetic field. Thanks to researchers at the National Institutes of Health, University of California, Mt. Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center and other prestigious institutions we know the energetic field helps support proper cell-to-cell communication. This in turn helps regulate your body’s biochemical and metabolic programs. So making sure your energetic field is balanced and harmonized is crucial for your good health.

And that’s where a Harmoni Pendant can help. Designed on a scientific understanding of the energetic field, the Pure Harmony Pendant is able to take disruptive EMFs and convert them into harmonious energy.

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