Sulfation and oxalate share a balance and many things come into play.  I will list what I have learned so far. I like listing the vitamins. B1, B2 and B6 alone when not working in the  body will cause a person to make endogenous oxalate and then impair sulfation and other nutrients and how they should be addressed when oxalate are taking over sulfite and sulfate transporters.

Allithiamine or benfotiamine  and organic garlic (contains allithiamine which is 20 times more absorbing on the brain than any other form of thiamine on planet Earth) B1 needs calcium cobalt, manganese and magnesium to assimilate in the body (meaning usable). B1 activity can disable B2 activity, B3 activity, B6 activity, B9 activity and B12 activity when impaired. B1 is involved in fatty acid metabolism and assimilation of many amino acids.

B2 needs B1 working to be usable.  Riboflavin 5 phosphate and ribose 5 phosphate are the most converted forms so the body does not have to work as hard converting this simple sugar needed for mitochondria and a functional pentose phosphate pathway..  B2 needs magnesium and ATP (ATP needs CoQ10 and trace minerals). B2 is the cofactor for MTR, MTRR, MTHFR and MAO A. B2 is responsible for fatty acid metabolism. HAO1 is a gene that comes to mind on the glyoxylate metabolic process and it assimilated hydroxy palmitate on the glyoxylate metabolic process and this is why many with hyperoxaluria cannot assimilate vitamin A. Emulsifies A can bypass this for many with this problem.

B3 needs B1 activity.  Usually if homocysteine is above a 9 NADH is the way to go. If homocysteine is between a 6-9 then NAD is usually best. When homocysteine is below a 6 flush niacin can help most.  I don’t care too much for low flush niacin as you can take too much of it because it is in low flush form. Remember that disease is always about too much of something or not enough of something. Niacin on the glyoxylate metabolic process is responsible for fatty acid metabolism.

If B5 is too high it will deplete B2 and really mess with people with mast cell activation as B2 activity is super important for histamine degradation and also terpene metabolism. B5 does help break down dietary oxalate but if it gets too high and depletes B2 then the body will make endogenous oxalate. We must have balance.

B6 activity needs B1 activity. It is really important to have B6 activity checked through a hospital lab or a lab like LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics as they know to use light sensitive tubing and B6 rapidly disintegrates once it hits the light so many alternative labs can give you false B6 deficiencies.  B6 needs potassium, magnesium, zinc and lysine as well as ALA (alpha lipoic acid) to assimilate. Lysine should always be taken on an empty stomach when deficient and needed.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A can be a problem if you have BCMO1 mutations as you will have trouble assimilating beta carotene into retinol palmitate. And if you have poor B1 and/or B2 activity your HAO1 gene on your glyoxylate metabolic process will not function well as it needs B1 and B2 activity to assimilate hydroxy palmitate so if A deficient with BCMO1 and/or HAO1 and poor B1/B2 activity you would definitely want emulsified A (water soluble palmitate) until B1 and/or B2 activity is resolved (these are your mast cell people).

D3 in a supplement is not sulfated. So if you have an oxalate overload D3 in supplement form will not work for you. Why will D3 not work in supplement form if there is an oxalate/sulfation issue?
Because if your gut is impaired,  your glyoxylate metabolic process is not working efficiently therefore you are dumping sulfate/sulfite in the kidney instead of using it. D3 in supplement form does not have sulfate/sulfite so D3 in supplements are just going to go into D 1,25 storage and inflame your parathyroid and cause more inflammation. Sort of like ferritin storage when iron is not being used. Doctors should always test D OH as well as D 1,25 and if D 1, 25 is much higher that D OH then there is definitely an oxalate/sulfate/sulfite issue.
Sulfated D3 from the sun in America between 8 am and noon is free. How about that? A glorious free supplement! It also provides cholesterol esters and serotonin.  UVB lamps can also provide sulfated D3. UVB tanning beds can also provide sulfated D3. UVB has sulfur molecules which bind to the D3 and bypass this pesky D 1,25 storage.
A practitioner could easily find out if you are not sulfating by putting you on a D3 supplement for 9 days then checking your D3 OH and D3 1, 25 ratio. Some have been able to bypass this by adding in things like DIM, liposomal DIM, MSM and broccoli sprout supplements then after 9 days retest these ratios but for the most part in today’s toxic world this does not work for many. UVB is the way to go unless there is a sun allergy or lupus which can be addressed by getting the above B vitamins,  their cofactors in check and the GI tract healed.
Why is this important?
There is a vitamin D binding protein we call GcMAF which has 6 attacks on cancer and 20 attacks on viruses, stealth pathogens and viruses. is a website where you can obtain GcMAF. Remember you want healthy levels of sulfated D3 in order for this vitamin D binding protein to work.
Read the GcMAF book by Tim Smith MD. It is free and worth the read
Dr. Jeff Bradstreet knew about this and approximately 4 out of 10 children with autism were seeing reversal of autism with this therapy.
In Dr. Tim Smith’s book you will see how viral overloads and cancer will make nagalase and basically tell your body to stop making GcMAF and it is needed for vitamin D to do it’s job.

Vitamin C
When there is an oxalate/sulfation issue and oxalate have overrode sulfation, no more than 250-500 mg of ascorbic/ascorbate a day should be given to people with hyperoxaluria. The glyoxylate metabolic process regulates the tricarboxylic acid cycle also known as the citric cycle. And when sulfate and sulfite are being dumped into the urine because there is an oxalate overload, anymore than 250-500 mg of ascorbic/ascorbate will shunt into calcium oxalate crystal and glutamate crystal. When B1, B2 and B6 activity are not working and you are ALA (alpha lipoic acid) deficient, the body will make endogenous oxalate from the B1, B2 and B6 issues and the ALA deficiency will prevent the removal of oxalate.   This will harm phosphorylation where you stop making ATP and put your body into a vicious cycle of not healing. This is why many are not healing on vitamin C drips anymore.
How can this be bypassed?
Food grade organic rose petals by Starwest Botanicals can be made into a tea. I make 1-4 cups a day myself. Usually just one cup but during a viral outbreak or infection up to 4 cups a day. It is the highest PH C known to man. Remember Nostradamus did not eradicate the black death with ascorbate/ascorbic but with a food grade C concoction which included rose petals.
Rutin 500 mg a day is another wonderful source of C. It will strengthen vascular health, collagen and protect you from radiation.
Brussel sprouts and broccoli are other sources of C that are great when you have leaky gut and an oxalate issue.
Organic lemon juice in water if you can handle it is a great source of C and the citric breaks down dietary oxalate. Lakewood is a good source of organic lemon juice. Remember to always buy organic lemon juice because the non organic has unfriendly and unhealthy additives. I recommend people to go to for accurate answers. This website has links to two groups called Trying Low Oxalates on Yahoo and FaceBook. Sprouting broccoli is another way to go. It is packed with nutrients. The glyoxylate metabolic process disrupts our tricarboxylic acid (citric) cycle.

Endocannabinoid System
Our endocannabinoid system relies on B1/B2 activity for terpene metabolism to make stem cells in order to kill cancer cells. Squalene metabolism which is an oil found  in trace amounts of vegetables and fruits and found in animal livers and highest in shark liver and we actually make it endogenously on our own. It can be disrupted by an impaired glyoxylate metabolic process. When it comes in vector via anthrax vaccine or the new FLUAD vaccine for seniors over 65 enough times and we have impaired B1/B2 and are making endogenous oxalate we can end up producing the anti squalene antibody which disrupts terpene metabolism and our endocannabinoid system will be unable to make stem cells to attack cancer cells. Our body can start attacking its own organs and end in mayhem and eventually death. How many seniors over 65 have impaired B1/B2 activity? I would say many to most. After 1-3 FLUAD injections most would think that they died naturally from autoimmune disease and not suspect anything out of the ordinary. So those seniors with impaired B1/B2 activity making endogenous oxalate and who have impaired sulfation you would suspect they just died from old age and nothing more. Oils going in the bloodstream vector eventually can cause an autoimmune reaction especially if certain nutrients are impaired A good documentary for you to watch is Vaccine Syndrome. Here is the link for anyone interested.  . Imagine if I shot you up with olive oil into your veins 3 or 4 times. Eventually you would have an autoimmune reaction anytime you consumed olive oil or olives. So why are we doing this to our soldiers with the anthrax vaccine and to our seniors with FLUAD over 65 with that “extra strength immunity” which is actually squalene oil going in vector?

The glyoxylate metabolic process when not working will make you a petri dish for mold and candida.
GMO’s are loaded with BT toxin which is a mycotoxin from mold. They are also heavily sprayed with glyphosate. We know now that sarcoids which are mold/fungus balls have calcium oxalate crystal in the dead center of them. When this process is impaired your B6 activity does not work well. Candida can become a problem as well. For example when B2 activity is not working, B2 is a sugar and sugar can feed candida.

You need potassium, magnesium, zinc and lysine as well as B1 activity in order to assimilate arginine in the kidney which can become a potent inhibitor of NOS (nitric oxide synthase) and lead to vascular inflammation and cause herpes viruses to come out of dormancy..

The glyoxylate metabolic process is also responsible for regulating transsulfuration.  One example is the SULT2A1 gene which is responsible for sulfating carcinogenic estrogen. If there is an oxalate overload, oxalate share the same transporters with sulfate and sulfite. Once the oxalate start hogging up the transporters , sulfate and sulfite get wasted in the kidney and you will see high levels of sulfate and sulfite in the urine because these transporters are too involved in removing the excessive oxalate therefore sulfation becomes hindered. When this happens, you can become overloaded with carcinogenic estrogen.
Oxalate, sulfate and sulfite go together like peanut butter does to jelly, rice to gravy, glutamate to GABA and TH1 to TH2. So moral to this story, if a practitioner tells you that you have a sulfation issue but not to worry about oxalate, they are misunderstanding their symbiosis.

Adrenals and Thyroid
Your adrenal glands and thyroid hormones also require sulfation. So now you are probably understanding why studying this pathway is key to healing. It even impairs methylation where genes like MTR, MTRR and MTHFR reside that make glutathione. Remember glutathione is a sulfur based molecule and if it is impaired because this metabolic process is not working you can end up low on glutathione and giving folate supplements can actually be dangerous until this issue is resolved. Even the most bioavailable form of methylfolate will back into unmetabolized folic until the glyoxylate metabolic process is working efficiently.

The following medications, genetics and environmental toxins can cause oxalate, sulfate, sulfite imbalances:

  • Fluoroquinolones
    They wipe out a gut microbial called oxalobacter formigenes which share a
    symbiosis with humans and other mammals. O formigenes are needed to break down dietary oxalate we get from food also with the help of B6 activity. . Oxalate are found in many leafy greens and are extremely high in spinach and swiss chard. Ask yourself this. Why do many injured by fluoroquinolones end up with TMJ, disc disease, ruptured tendons and ligaments? The glyoxylate metabolic process is responsible for assimilating lysine, proline and operating the tricarboxylic acid (citric) cycle. What do we need for collagen production? Lysine, proline and vitamin C and it is not that simple as you see. We cannot just throw lysine proline and vitamin C at these people injured by FQ’s.  Oxalate also love grabbing manganese needed for SOD2 (superoxide dismutase 2) which is involved in diseases like myasthenia gravis, ALS and other forms of lateral sclerosis which have been black boxed on fluoroquinolones. . Manganese and B6 activity gets so disrupted on people injured by FQ’s that glutamic acid (needs manganese) to break down into glutamate (needs B6 activity) that breaks down into GABA and then there are sleepless nights, neuropathy, anxiety and panic attacks. We are told bone broth is healing and balanced. But if the oxalate issue is not resolved on floxies (people injured by fluoroquinolones) that the minerals do not get into the cell walls but stick to the oxalate laying in the damaged tissues and organs of these individuals and then they cannot assimilate the amino acids and other nutrients in the bone broth. So next time your patient tells you that he or she is having anxiety, panic, histamine issues from bone broth, DO NOT assume it is die off.
  • Roundup/glyphosate/n phosphonomethyl glycine AKA gLIEphosatan
    This toxic substance is everywhere. It is in our air, soil, food, medications, vaccines. Glyphosate shunts into calcium oxalate crystal and glutamate crystal and disrupts the glyoxylate metabolic process.
  • 5G
    If you have 5g you might want to contact your internet service provider and ask them to lower it to at least 4G. Why? We are energy during the day and at night when we sleep and are recharging our battery. With 5G we cannot recharge at night. This form of EMF will cause more calcium oxalate disruption and cause early cell death. This could be in my opinion the beginning of human extinction.
  • Smart meters
    Smart meters cause calcium oxalate disruption. You can safeguard your home with frequency devices that help eliminate some of the EMF coming in that is currently at unsafe levels of radiation. Unacceptable levels of radiation cause calcium oxalate disruption. The Truth About Cancer Store and have frequency devices that can safeguard your home. Smart meters and 5G cause mycotoxin to grow 600 fold and also cause rapid growth of other pathogens like h pylori.
  • AGXT
    More than 175 mutations in the AGXT gene have been found to cause primary hyperoxaluria type 1. This condition is caused by the overproduction of a substance called oxalate. Excess amounts of this substance lead to kidney and bladder stones, which can begin anytime from childhood to early adulthood with kidney disease developing at any age. Deposition of oxalate in multiple other tissues throughout the body (systemic oxalosis) can cause additional health problems.
    These people have to watch their dietary oxalate intake for life and are best avoiding the things mentioned above.
  • Gut microbiome
    Oxalate when overloaded kill the shikimate pathway of your microbial so you can get into a vicious cycle of not being able to heal the GI tract. Imagine this, your gut microbial is your oil in your engine and your DNA is your engine. If your gut microbial is under attack by excessive oxalate your engine (DNA) will eventually break down. Everyone is unique and you cannot just look at a handful of SNPs. You must take in environmental toxins, diet, lifestyle, vaccinations, medications, the gut microbiome and genetics. And when I mean genetics we must look at metabolic processes and biological pathways to see how an individual is running. Everyone’s engine is different. Would you put the same grade of oil in a Ford F150 as you would a Mercedes Benz? No. Because the engine would not run right.
    Look at the GAD gene for example.  GAD breaks down glutamate into GABA by way of B6 activity. If someone is wild type -/- dominant on their GAD line they will have much lower levels of lactobacillus rhamnosus than someone who is +/+ GAD dominant. If a person who was -/- GAD dominant had as much lactobacillus rhamnosus as a +/+ GAD dominant they would be mentally impaired. Lactobacillus rhamnosus is the oil in  your engine that operates your GAD gene so we have much more to learn about how the gut microbiome operates our engine (DNA).
    To explain this in a little more detail, prior to leaky gut our junctures are tight and our cells talk to one another. So when we eat our food or take a supplement our bodies know exactly what to absorb and exactly what to excrete. The same with dietary oxalate. Prior to leaky gut our body intakes 1%-2% dietary oxalate and dumps the rest. Our glycine cleavage system holds onto this dietary oxalate and saves it for a rainy day.. Let’s say you go out to eat and you end up with food poisoning. Your body’s glycine cleavage system will shunt out this oxalate to kill the shikimate pathway of the microbial that are invading your GI tract. So oxalate are absolutely necessary. What happens after leaky gut? When we eat our food or take a supplement, we either absorb too much of something or not enough of something. This is because our junctures are loose and are cells lose communication and they do not know what the heck to do. The same with dietary oxalate. When there is leaky gut, you can absorb up to 48% more now you could be absorbing up to 49%-50%  but your glycine cleavage system can only hold onto 1%-2% and now all of this excessive oxalate are surging through your body storing in damaged tissues and organs. And the excessive oxalate that make it to your GI tract kill the shikimate pathway of your microbial. Bifidobacteria and Oxalobacter are now running low and now you are not breaking down dietary oxalate because both of these beneficial bugs are needed to break down dietary oxalate.
  • Heavy metals and things like high free copper and manganese deficiency in the cells.
    Oxalate love grabbing metals and minerals. So when you have an oxalate overload you will often see heavy metals toxicity, high free copper and manganese deficiency just to name a few.
    Andy Cutler was right but he was also wrong. He stated that you detox metals by the use of ALA (alpha lipoic acid) which is right. ALA is a cofactor on the glyoxylate metabolic process. Imagine oxalate as kitchen magnets. They are chelators of metals and minerals. So this oxalate sitting in damaged tissues and organs collect heavy metals you would normally dump. ALA is one of the components of this process that removes the oxalate and by removing the oxalate it in turn removes metals. And it also removes minerals like high free copper that do not make it to the cell wall because of the oxalate overload. So this is where he was wrong. It is actually removing the oxalate that have the heavy metals and minerals like high free copper bonded to the oxalate.
  • We know now that sarcoids, atherosclerosis, salivary stones, COPD, kidney stones and gallstones are mostly made up of calcium oxalate crystal and glutamate crystal.
  • B1, B2 and B6 deficiencies as well as B1, B2 and B6 not working because their cofactors are not in place will cause the body to make endogenous oxalate.
  • Gastric bypass surgery
    Researchers found that the excretion of a material called oxalate in urine was significantly greater in the participants who had the surgical gastric procedures than those who did not (47 percent, compared with 10.5 percent, respectively) .
  • EDS
    People with EDS should consider the glyoxylate metabolic process. It is responsible for assimilating lysine, proline and operates the tricarboxylic acid (citric) cycle which is needed to make collagen.
  • Mast Cell/MCS
    Three genes come to mind on the glyoxylate metabolic process. AOC1, ABP1 and DAO which are responsible for assimilating DAO enzyme, histamine, putrescine, spermine and spermidine all substances involved in allergic and immune response. These genes are  involved in female fertility, mast cell, tumor formation and apoptosis. The cofactor for these genes are FAD/B2 components. B2 needs ATP (made by CoQ10 and trace minerals) and magnesium. B2 activity also needs B1 activity and B1 needs calcium, cobalt, manganese and magnesium. That is why B1 in itself is often called a histamine liberator. We know that all people with mast cell/anaphylactic reaction have poor sulfation and oxalate issues. Again sulfation and oxalate go hand in hand so it is best in my opinion that anyone with mast cell find a practitioner versed in oxalate and sulfation.
  • Fatty acid metabolism
    The glyoxylate metabolic process is responsible for assimilating fatty acids. For example the gene we call HAO1 requires B2 activity to break down hydroxy palmitate. And B2 activity as you know by now requires B1 activity. So people with mast cell usually need emulsified A when A deficient until their B1/B2 activity is working.
  • Amino acid metabolism
    The glyoxylate metabolic process is responsible for assimilating several hundred amino acids
  • SAMe metabolism
    GNMT on the glyoxylate metabolic process is responsible for assimilating SAMe and SAMe is necessary for methylation and is MTHFR’s enzyme regulation. GNMT’s cofactor is B6 activity and B6 requires B1 activity. B1 requires calcium, cobalt, manganese and magnesium. B6 in itself requires potassium, magnesium,  zinc, lysine and ALA (alpha lipoic acid is actually required for lysine assimilation which lysine is a key component in B6 activity).
  • Low ferritin
    Our body has storage systems for good reason. These storage systems can become overloaded at times like when we have HFE genes we may have excess ferritin storage. But we have storage systems for “rainy days” and do need a little backup for emergencies. This is just common sense and anyone telling otherwise is not using critical thinking. Remember, disease is about two things, too much of something and not enough of something. Oxalate like I stated above are chelators of metals and minerals. They love grabbing iron. So many with hyperoxaluria have low ferritin. Some with oxalate issues do have high ferritin because of HFE mutations and/or B1 deficiency but for the most part many are low ferritin.


The WHO (World Health Organization) and the AMA (American Medical Association) probably made the biggest medical mistake in world history by discounting the seriousness of oxalate overload because it impairs sulfation and sulfation is the key to life. It just boggles my mind when these big hospitals like Mayo throw people with kidney stones a low oxalate food list because there is so much more to it. This epidemic is most likely bigger than type II diabetes and like type II diabetes it must be addressed with diet and is much more serious than we could ever imagine at the moment because an impaired glyoxylate metabolic process could  induce type II diabetes.

I encourage many to go to The Trying Low Oxalates (TLO) group on Facebook or Yahoo and to visit

Sterling Hill Erdei