The Variant Report of Sterling’s App now has a new Molybdenum section. Molybdenum when in excess can elevate uric acid levels and also disrupt other minerals. When molybdenum is deficient is can impair sulfation. So molybdenum like other minerals require balance. There are some out there with certain SUOX mutations who may require more molybdenum than the average person. We have also added in other genes related to molybdenum for practitioners who have requested them for additional research.  What chips AncestryDNA and 23andMe are using will determine on what you see in this section. 23andme tends to change chips every few years.

We have also added in AKT1 under the cannabinoid pathway. Not all will see this mutation if their chip did not test this mutation. AKT1 plays an important role in THC metabolism.

These changes and additions are included in the new version 2.7 of our Variant Report. This update is live now and all your previous reports should already have been updated to match as long as you haven’t removed your genome from our servers.

My IT department will be working on making it so practitioners can pull out certain genes that they want to focus on in the future to make their own reports. In my opinion I don’t really care for this much at all because for us to get the full picture we must be looking at the full picture and not a handful of SNPs. We will have that option in the near future for those who wish to handpick SNPs.

Our next big project that will take time will be a lysosomal storage disorder app.  Prior to the Autism spike in the United States the majority of children who did have Autism had lysosomal storage disorders. So that will be imperative to get out to the Autism community. It will be very large and will have to be an individual app.

If you want to set up a four hour educational phone chat with Sterling you can consult her Administrative Assistant at 504-676-0965