There are many things that can happen to someone when methylation is not working correctly. One of the most devastating things to deal with would have to be mold and mycotoxins along with MTHFR A1298C and C677T. If methylation is not working, you cannot get rid of the mold.About ten months ago I decided to build MTHFR support. I never imagined how much of a response I would get. There are so many people out there in dire need of proper medical care when it comes to methylation and there are only a handful of doctors around the country that actually understand methylation. Many of these people have nowhere to go and I hope to change this. Like my grandmother who took in the homeless, I cannot turn a blind eye to the sick who can be healed but are kicked to the curb like a piece of unwanted trash forgotten and misunderstood by allopathic medicine. Abandoned!

Several months back, I was introduced to Colleen Murphy (Colleen is in the photo above). She told me that she had tested positive for fourteen types of molds and three deadly forms of mycotoxins and was on the proper treatment but was not responding well and only getting sicker and sicker. The first thing that came to mind was gut health and methylation. Knowing what I know about hypomethylation, I knew that Colleen must have this pathway jammed.

As I spoke more and more with Colleen, I knew exactly how she was feeling. Having to leave her family and friends behind because every time she gets near them, mycotoxins cause extreme burning.  Just speaking with her on the phone, I can understand how she feels, alone, scared and abandoned. She cannot walk into any of her friends’ or families home without the mycotoxins burning her like fire. Colleen has not seen her daughter in six months because every time she is near her little girl, she is affected by mycotoxins and has severe nerve burning all over her head and skin. Any time I speak with her, she cries and asks me if she will ever be able to take care of her daughter again. I am hoping to change this today!


This is what Colleen looks like today from deadly mycotoxins and doctors not understanding that MTHFR and methylation must be working for the body to be able to dump the mycotoxins. 

    Colleen’s  life on a daily basis is a living hell. She gets up in the morning and heads out to a day center at 8:30 in the morning when they open and heads back home at 5:30pm when they close for the evening. Once home, Colleen normally stays outside because every time she walks into her home, her skin and head starts burning from the deadly mycotoxins that are attacking her myelin sheath. Sadly Colleen cannot find a doctor in the Seattle, WA area that would be willing to learn about methylation, gut health and mycotoxins. I am hoping to change that today.
Most mainstream medicine does not understand what Colleen is experiencing. There are so many people out there suffering with mold and mycotoxins and are labeled “mental”. Likewise, many of the doctors out there treating mold and mycotoxins do not know about methylation. Their patients that do not respond well to mold treatment are usually left to die. Well mold community, here is another piece of the puzzle.

http://www.heartfixer.com/AMRI-Nutrigenomics.htm    This about sums up where Colleen is having problems at.

    What is MTHFR and why must MTHFR be working in order to dump mycotoxins? It is the methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase enzyme. When you have a defective SNP (singular nucleotide polymorphism) you cannot effectively convert folic acid into the active form of folate. As you can see, this is just one gene on this methylation pathway that can get jammed. MTHFR is needed to be working properly in order to create glutathione. Glutathione then helps in the dumping of toxins which include mold and mycotoxins. With adequate levels of glutathione, disease cannot live in the body. Unfortunately, many people cannot just get IV glutathione and get well. If you look at the diagram above there are other enzymes that play a role in this pathway and when CBS is involved, iv glutathione is contradicted until the transulfuration pathway is cleared. I hope to raise enough money to be able to get Colleen tested for these other gene snps.So far we know that Colleen is compound heterozygous for MTHFR A1298C and C677T. Unfortunately, there are also the other SNPs on this pathway that must be looked at in order to get her glutathione levels up. This is where we need your help with Colleen. Getting a methylation SNP panel done on her and a Metametrix GI Effects stool analysis would be a start. These two tests could be the beginning of Colleen’s healing journey. With the help of doctors that understand methylation and some additional testing there is hope that we can get Colleen’s glutathione up enough to start dumping these deadly mycotoxins. Remember, sometimes bad things happen to good people and this is exactly what has happened to Colleen. She has a long road ahead of her on this healing journey. My wish is to see Colleen in the next year to be able to hold and hug her daughter without pain from deadly mycotoxins.