Sterling’s App Updates & National Geographic

We’ve been diligently working to add support for genomes from services other than 23andMe. Recently our work has come to a head and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve begun beta testing support for genomes from and National Geographic.

We’re currently seeking volunteers to help us beta test Sterling’s App with these genome sources and you can help. If you have or know anyone who has gone through the process of genome sequencing through either of these services, visit our forum and read about how you can help us out and possibly get a free beta report for your time!

SNPBit Compendium 1 is your Go-To reference for SNP information in one place. There are Overviews for a quick look, cited research for further look and links, and “Our Two Cents”, including clinical pearls from our Practitioner’s perspective.

This Compendium 1 is a compilation of four years of research and is geared towards practitioners and professionals with working knowledge of epigenetics.

If you’re not a practitioner but are still interested in accessible information and steps you can take to improve your own health, you may be interested in The Healthy Mito Cookbook.
The Beginners Guide to Gluten Free – Sprouted – Organic – Low & Moderate Oxalate Recipes for Mitochondrial Wellness in Nutrigenomics and Epigenetics.

SNP Bit Educational Video Series

MTHFR Support is pleased to announce an educational series of videos that we’ve been publishing on our official YouTube channel. These videos are designed to provide relevant overviews and information on specific SNPs. We’ve published more than 25 videos already and are working on more. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch the videos as soon as they’re released!

These videos have already been integrated into Sterling’s App and can be viewed right inside your report by clicking on the link under additional information for any SNPs we’ve completed videos for.