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    Hi –

    I have been trying to get pregnant with our second child for over a year, with continued chemical pregnancies. A practitioner recommended some testing along the lines of the testing done through the Beer Clinics. I’ve used a few labs for these tests and rounded them out through the 23&Me raw data and the report available here. My question is – does this testing show the Factor 8 gene and the PAI 1 gene? I want to make sure those are ok as we prepare for our final try in a couple of months. Please let me know if these are tested and where I can find those results in my report. Thanks, Anna

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    I think you received an e-mail response from my wife.

    Dr Jacquie
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    Age, race, diabetes, hypertension and ABO blood group major genetic factors affecting Factor VIII and are known to associate with inflammation, a condition that increases risk of problems with FVIII and VWF even in people with normal MTHFR SNPs. Examining your SNP report in a comprehensive way one of the tools I use to strategically supplement for support for normal hormonal, adrenalin and cortisol function and for normal blood flow. Eating a Blood group friendly diet is also a strong factor in supporting normal clotting. 23andMe reports only one PAI-1 SNP: rs2227631. I am an Arizona licensed naturopathic physician and also use Chinese herbal medicine to work with patients internationally via Skype. If you haven’t found the help you need please contact me. For more information you can look at http://greenfieldsclinic.co.uk

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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