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SNP Of The Week: SOD2

The role of SOD2 is to destroy superoxide anion radicals which are normally produced within the cells and which are toxic to biological systems. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) snp, SOD2 A16V, and its implication on oxidative stress and chemical sensitivities have been studied. Wheatgrass & wheatgrass juice are great ways to fight nasty ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) because of their rich source of SOD (Superoxide dismutase). Click here to read the study.

Note that the genes in this study are available on your Sterling’s app report with their SNP variant(s).

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Looking For Creative Cooking Ideas? Check Out The Healthy Mito Cookbook!

The Beginners Guide to Gluten Free – Sprouted – Organic – Low & Moderate Oxalate Recipes for Mitochondrial Wellness in Nutrigenomics and Epigenetics.

This Cookbook is based on a  diet that is targeted toward several Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) and Intracellular nutrition. Key enzyme functions are regulated by SNPs within our DNA, and play a role in how the body reacts to certain foods, medicines, and environmental triggers. They also keep our mitochondria and Krebs cycle, the powerhouse of our bodies, running properly. These functions create the energy needed to make us feel healthy and happy, while keeping our body systems stable.

The recipes are a mix of gluten-free, low-carb, moderate-oxalate, and nutritionally dense dishes. They are rich in herbs, whole foods, and spices, all of which support synergistic healing. This diet works for me, and I have induced Mitochondrial Dysfunction which is an Autoimmune Disease. It can work for you, too! You CAN reduce inflammation, pain, and optimize nutritional status with real foods and herbs. Enclosed are tips, swap out food suggestions, and a food tracker sheet to keep track of intake per day.

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