1. Access 23andme.com Account

To access your account, in your web browser, visit http://www.23andMe.com. From there you will see the Sign In button in the upper right corner. Click the button.

step 1

2. Sign In

Enter the email address that you registered with 23andMe.com and when done, enter your password. Click Login.step 2

3. Browse Raw Data

Once you have logged in, you will see your profile name on the top right corner. Click on your name and a drop-down menu will appear.step 3

From that menu, you need to select ’BROWSE RAW DATA’ and click it. step 4

4. Download Raw Data

In the ’Browse Raw Data’ section you will see the ’DOWNLOAD’ button in the upper right corner. Click it. step 5

This screen has some security built into it so that no one can access your data without you knowing. You will need to enter your password again as well as the Secret Answer to the Secret Question you selected when you registered with 23andMe.com.

If you have more than one person’s data in your account, be sure to change to the proper profile before clicking the Download Data button.

Also, the default Data Set should automatically be All DNA. Once ready, click the Download Data button in the lower right corner of the web page. step 6

5. Saving the File

After clicking the ‘Download Data’ button the following message should appear:

“We are generating your data file right now. Click here if the download does not start within 10 seconds.”

You need to SAVE the .zip/.rar file to your Desktop (so that it can be easily accessed and thereafter uploaded to the website).

Our server only grants zipped files to be used – as that is 23andme.com’s default mechanism of creating a file out of one’s DNA. step 7

6. Uploading Your Genome (Windows)

Open your web browser and visit http://www.mthfrsupport.com then hover your mouse over ‘Sterling’s App’ and select ‘Order Reports’ from the drop-down menu.

You will be taken to the order reports page where you’ll be able to upload your already zipped genome file which you previously saved to your desktop.

Warning: Uploading file may take up to 10 minutes, please be patient!
step 7a

6. Uploading Your Genome (Mac)

Uploading the zipped file is done the same way as it is shown in the previous section for Windows users. However, Apple computers’ default web browser, Safari, unzips zip files automatically when they’ve finished downloading. If you’re using a Mac and you only see the text document on your desktop once you’re finished downloading the zip file from 23andMe it is fairly easy to convert the text document back to a zip file. Simply hold the control key and click on the file. The resulting menu that appears will give you the option to compress the file. Click the menu option to compress the file and a zip file will appear on your desktop for you to upload.

step 8

step 9

step 10

If you have any questions or difficulties following these instructions you can find additional help at the following link: http://www.macinstruct.com/node/159.

If you still experience problems regarding uploads, please contact our programmer at contact@mthfrsupport.com

Please Note: This e-mail address is strictly for technical support. If you have any medical, methylation, nutrigenomic or other health related questions you may post them at our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mthfrsupport.

7. PayPal Assistance

If you get to PayPal and PayPal is not accepting your card, this is an issue with PayPal itself. Most likely you have your card associated with a pre-existing PayPal account. You need to log into that PayPal account or use another credit or debit card not associated with an pre-existing PayPal account.

If you cannot remember your PayPal account, you will need to contact PayPal customer support directly.