NOD2 Gene and Susceptibility to Colitis

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NOD2 Gene and Susceptibility to Colitis

A study found that NOD2 polymorphism makes one more susceptible to colitis from over use of antibiotics.

“Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) etiology involves genetic susceptibility, environmental triggers, and the gut microbiome. Antibiotic exposure is associated with IBD, both in early life and adulthood. Here, we investigated whether Nod2-deficiency influenced response of the gut microbiota to antibiotics and subsequent colitis susceptibility.”

“These data demonstrate that neonatal antibiotic exposure has long-lasting influence on the microbiota and mucosal immunity, and may explain how NOD2 contributes to the risk of intestinal inflammation.”

You can find NOD2 on both the Variant Report and COVID-19 report.

How do I protect myself against this?

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