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  • Do you have trouble driving at night? IlLumin glasses have special lenses that improve vision by filtering bright lights, increasing contrast, and eliminating glare. IlLumin driving glasses are made with top-quality materials so they work, they’re comfortable and they last! 90% of your driving decisions are based on what you see. These makes it easier to see road marks, stop lights, street signs, lane markers, and oncoming traffic more clearly - reducing your risk on the road.
  • Designed by Spektrum. Inspired by you. Fashion meets function in their premium MIRA sunglasses for both adults and kids alike. Pair scratch-resistant, polarized lenses (that block 100% of ultraviolet rays) with great looking frames that are built to last.
  • Spekum'sr patented lenses protect your eyes from harmful blue light and their high quality frames command attention with their distinct style. See better and feel better with PROSPEK Blue Light Glasses.