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//Sleep 8 Inc.
  • Millions of Americans suffer from sleep apnea. And in order to sleep, many are prescribed a CPAP machine by their doctor. What they're not given is an easy way to clean their CPAP supplies and accessories. That's why Sleep8 was created, a revolutionary device that gives CPAP users an affordable and effective way to clean their equipment. Sleep 8 knew if they created a device that was quiet, portable, and easy to use, it would encourage daily cleaning. They also wanted to combat a market that is oversaturated with unreliable information and unsafe devices that leak. A crucial part of our mission is to educate CPAP users and contain the cleaning process. Most people have no idea their equipment can grow mold, cause sinus issues, or make them sick. It’s important to us to give people a universal device that doesn’t need adaptors and can do it all so they can breathe easy.
  • Sleep8 supports your CPAP, BIPAP, or APAP with quick and easy equipment maintenance. 100% compatible - Think you’re going to need expensive adapters? Not with us. Sleep8 uses a filter bag, so as long as your supplies and accessories fit in the bag, they’re gettin’ clean. Ready to travel - Cleaning your CPAP while you travel is no problem. Sleep8 is easy to pack and runs on a rechargeable battery. It goes where you go. Set and forget - Just press start and Sleep8 will handle everything. And when it’s done, Sleep8 will automatically turn itself off.