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  • The Well Canine, Equine, and Feline joint formulas are the most complete glucosamine supplements for pets on the market.
    I have been using Effective Natural Products for my labs at least 6-8 years! I trust your product. My Lucy will be twelve years old in July and I frequently hear from people how they are surprised by her age. Thank you for such a safe product for the animals I love.
  • Colloidal Silver is effective against over 900 types of bacteria, fungus and yeast. It enhances the body's own immune system to better remove residue pathogens and thereby fend off disease. This product is a mild silver protein (silver particles suspended in a protein binder and distilled water), the higher the concentration (PPM) the darker the color.
  • Effective Natural Products was created in 2004 with a focus on liquid vitamins for pets and people. The well-loved and touted formulas remain the same but new ownership has updated the product's look and seek to grow distribution channels and the online presence through customer engagement.
    The ENP products have a strong following simply because they work. We focus on liquid vitamins due to their high absorption rates. Efficacy rates don't matter if a tablet or heavily coated capsule passes through the body without disintegration. We want our customers to get their money’s worth and enjoy the health benefits of all we have to offer.
  • Glucosamine and MSM contain vital nutrients for the promotion of healthy cartilage and joint lubrication to reduce discomfort. The ENP blend also contains a variety of herbs, minerals and antioxidants that support overall bone health, strong tendons and ligaments. Helps to increase range of motion and decrease discomfort. Glucosamine is ideal for those with joint problems, seniors, athletes and all active individuals. We provide a vegetable variety for vegetarians, those who may have allergies to shellfish, or those who might prefer a plant sourced formula due to religious reasons.