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Amrita Aromatherapy

//Amrita Aromatherapy
  • Shop Customer Favorites!

    • Whether it's allergies, pain relief, or restful sleep, these bestsellers nurture with the healing power of Nature.
    • And all of their products are made using only the finest pure essential oils and natural ingredients.
    • Experience these tried and true customer favorites for yourself!

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  • Discount Essential Oils and MORE - Last Chance to BUY!

    Amrita's experts are sad to see these products go, but this is your chance to save BIG! Take advantage of these deals before they are gone for good. Amrita Aromatherapy maintains the value of nature through:
    • Dr. Christoph Streicher, founder of Amrita Aromatherapy, has handpicked everything we sell.
      • He personally ensures its purity and highest quality.
    • When you buy from Amrita, you can be sure that the product is of the highest quality possible!
      • Amrita stands behind all their products with a 100% guarantee that you will love them!

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  • World's Largest Variety of USDA Certified Organic Essential Oils

    Choose an essential oil that fits your need:
    • USDA Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth.
    • Oils grown in the optimum climatic and soil conditions while being properly harvested and extracted.
    • Each essential oil is selected for its purity and therapeutic value.
    • Verified by in-house gas chromatography with Dr. Streicher's guidance.
    • Dr. Streicher provides lots of information on how to use it for various conditions, what it can be blended with, therapeutic benefits, and MORE!

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  • Natural Perfumes Made Lovely By Nature.

    Choose a perfume that fits your need:
    • Three Dimensions of Care:
      • Pleasure the Mind
      • Heal the Heart
      • Awaken the Spirit
    • Made with Pure Essential Oils, Jojoba Oil, and Non-GMO Vitamin E.
    • Free of alcohol and toxic synthetic fragrances!
    • Ready to use immediately! No dilution necessary.

    Notice: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post