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  • spaceboy3000
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    Hi –

    I’m a 43-year-old male who has had depression for most of my life, and had lyme disease for the past 4 years, with mostly neuro-cognitive symptoms – pretty awful. I very recently heard about methylation issues, etc., had a blood test showing that I’m homozygous for A1298C, and I also recently did the “23andMe” testing, which (if it is in fact accurate), shows a BUNCH more problems in my methylation genes. Namely:

    MTHFR A1298C +/+
    MTR 2756G +/+
    VDR taq +/+
    COMT V158M +/-
    COMT H62H +/-
    COMT P199P +/-
    MTRR A66G +/-
    BHMT-02 +/-
    BHMT-04 +/-
    BHMT-08 +/-
    CBS A360A +/-
    SHMT1 C1420T +/-

    This info is from my raw data from “23andMe”, analyzed through the “genetic genie” methylation profile. I also have a bunch of recent bloodwork results. They show low serotonin, high ammonia, EBV, a low CD-57 count, candida, and some other things. I don’t know exactly how accurate the “23andMe” testing has proven so far, either. As you might imagine, this has been, and still is a nasty health/mental/emotional experience! I’m pretty worn out from it all, and am obviously not out of the woods yet. I could REALLY use some direction in approaching all of this new info…

    I’m not even really sure where to start! I’m trying to read the Yasko book, “Autism: Pathways to Recovery” but this is QUITE a complex subject.

    Is my situation on the “complex” side, even for people with known methylation problems? I live in Atlanta, and MAY have located a doctor who is knowledgeable with methylation issues. It is hard to know who REALLY is up on some of these issues, although it is very easy to find a doctor to take your money and time, but really not offer any real insight to the root of your medical issues.

    SO, I figured I would see what you folks have to say about getting started with this, and gettting a basic “handle” on my situation and what to do about it.

    Thank you,


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    Hi J.R.,

    Sounds like you have had a lot on your plate. I usually start with patients from a macro view, looking at how your body is functioning at the systems’ level. Once we establish that, we can look at how the SNPs you have are contributing to the issues.

    How is your diet? How is your Gastro function? Do you exercise? How well do you sleep? Do you have a stressful situation at home or at work?

    This is where I start.

    Hope that helps,

    Dr. Mike

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    Hey Spaceboy!

    Sorry to hear about your struggles. I can empathize with you, as I had lyme and know what you are going through. Dr. Mike is right–you want to begin with some of the basics such as gut health. Having said that, lyme can very much interfere with gut health and prevent the gut from healing. We definitely need to look at possible mold issues, as well as other infections. There is no one aspect by itself that will get you over the hump, as you already know. If you have other questions, please ask here and Dr. Mike and myself can help. You can also reach me at drtim072981@gmail.com.

    –Dr. Tim

    Cynthia Smith
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    Hi, Since you have SHMT, VDR and MTRR and MTHFR SNPs, you likely have GI mucosa issues and all that flows from it. SHMT will impair your body’s ability to make the “bits and pieces” for new cells; especially important for GI mucosal health. WIth your likely GI issues and VDR, you may want to consider micellized Vit D. Your BHMT SNPs scream for phospholipids; sunflower lecithin liquid (or TMG), but the sunflower lecithin liquid addresses more of your SNPs. Thats the foundational stuff, along with a good multi mineral. In conjunction, address oxidative stress issues (big if your immune system is upregulating due to Lyme’s), then neurotransmitter issues, especially if sleep issues (up-regulated NMDA stimulation and excitatory neurotransmitters and low GABA….calming). Then you can layer in methylation IF your sulfate levels aren’t pegging at 1600. If they are, then there are things you can do to get them to fluctuate around 800-1200. Its the ammonia thats the real issue (foggy brain), but the CBS A360A can go either way. With your COMT, its tricky. Hit sublingual hydroxyB12 first, then wait a few days and add then add the 5MTHF. Michael, Tim, SHawn or myself would be happy to assist you. Cynthia

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    Hi Again,

    Sorry its been a few days since I was back on here! A few questions were asked, which I can answer:

    I am guessing my gut is pretty messed up – I have been considering a “leaky gut” test to see on that. I WOULD attach a copy of my last doctor’s notes on my bloodwork, but I don’t think I can attach files here. My last doctor, although a “specialist” knew NOTHING about methylation (At $350/hr, out of pocket, by the way) I’m looking for a new doctor (obviously).

    Also, a blood test I had showed, in the “specific IGG, EIA” part, faily high levels of Penicillium notatum, and VERY high numbers for Candida albicans. Can anyone tell me exactly what that means on a test like this? Is it an “allergy” or is it just directly reporting the “amount” of candida in my blood?

    My diet is nothing special – not terrible, not great. I have heard that I need to eliminate ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING from my diet, and I really don’t even know where to start. There’s certainly Candida concerns, (so no sugar), and I am gathering that with prioritizing some methylation issues, fixing the gut is first, starting with sulfur. I’ve got test strips on the way… I have been adding in TMG, GABA, B2, a few types of B12, eliminating sulfur-heavy supplements. I can certainly eat a bunch of lecithin if that might help.

    SO FIRST OFF, sulfur elimination is already a whole new diet, apparently. This would already require abandoning most of the stuff I was doing for Candida, with carb control, etc. (!!!) Of all the stuff I do, diet is definitely the most challenging, especially since I hear about eliminating damn near everything, and everybody says something different. That’s before we even get to the whole organic issue. How to try to proceed with the diet is pretty damn discouraging…..

    I have apparently had a long-term staph infection in my sinuses. It gets better, then worse. This can’t be helping anything. My ENT prescribes various types of oral abx, but I hardly ever take those, since they seem to just cause havoc in my G.I. and my brain too.

    -MOLD – I found out I was living in a condo with a bad (hidden) mold problem about a year ago. I fled the place, tried very hard to NOT bring the mold problem with me when I moved, and SEEMINGLY that part has gone OK. I have been doing Shoemaker VCS tests which have been showing improvement over time. But who knows? Mold plate tests seem much better than the last place, but I really don’t know… I gather from my ENT that mold-type stuff is growing happily in my sinuses too.

    -SLEEP – Never great as an adult, pretty bad now. I just don’t feel tired at bedtime. I take a bunch of melatonin and mostly natural sleep aids, but usually don’t get to sleep before 1 AM.
    -Bloodwork also shows Candida, EBV, C. pneumonia

    I use a number of Rife machines, have and use a near-infrared sauna fairly frequently (and sweat out a TON), have been doing lyme supplementation for a few years. I’ve got a LOT of different treatment methods/equipment. But the question is WHAT to use, and WHY? I CAN’T do it all, and especially since its just me on my own, with no help, and with the neuro stuff, it is hard to stay on track with too many things….

    I CAN and DO exercise. Probably twice a week. My stamina isn’t great, but I am not limited physically otherwise.

    STRESS??? I live alone (family’s no help), I have almost no support, and due to the big fluctuations in mental functioning, I haven’t worked a job regularly in 4 years. And a lot of the time, I feel like I’m losing my damn mind.

    Its just really hard to know where to “start” on this stuff, after singlehandedly going after lyme for 4 years already – I’m pretty worn out/burnt out. Every problem seems to cause and/or be caused by all of the others!

    Thanks for your replies so far, and I can send those two attachments to somebody’s email address, or post them here if its possible (I just don’t know how) One of them might be pretty helpful – its a summary of the doctor’s notes from going over my bloodwork.

    Thanks again,


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    Is micellized vitamin D anything like “liposomal”? – I can make liposomal stuff at home if so. And is it vitamin D or D3 that I am looking for?

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    Micellized and emulsified are the two types of superior absorbed forms of Vitamin D, A, E, K, etc. Liposomal is generally used to refer to glutathione and vitamin C.

    –Dr. Tim

    Good Wink
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    Hey Spaceboy3000 (JR) send me an email…


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