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    Two years ago, I learned I have a double mutation of C677T. I didn’t feel the effects of this until I went through a traumatic time in my life nearly five years ago, which I’m told likely triggered things. The biggest impact in my life is the chronic, often debilitating, fatigue. My doctor discovered the gene mutation and prescribed L-methylfolate to me. After the honeymoon period of that supplement/medication I was back to square one of feeling incredibly run down round the clock. I’m to the point where I can’t continue to ignore it (fearing the cost it would take to properly and fully address my problems). But at the same time, my research is showing that the doctor in my area (Phoenix) would charge thousands to assist and treat me. Is this truly my only option to recovery? I don’t understand all the science behind this in the least and it’s extremely overwhelming. Please- any assistance, advice or direction would be truly appreciated. I have three young children I need to be present for. Thank you in advance.

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    Hi wifenmommy,

    Seek the support of a practitioner experienced in this field to work with. The MTHFR Support Find A Practitioner listing (see tab at top of screen) has practitioners worldwide and most will consult with you by Skype so you are not restricted to working just with those local to you. On the listing you can click on the red icons which will provide links to the practitioners websites where you will find details of their services, fees and resources etc. Do your own research on the practitioners as many have Facebook pages, YouTube channels and are involved in the various MTHFR groups and by accessing these it will help you to decide who you wish to work with.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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