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  • Tatiana Reynolds
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    Dear Sterling,

    I found your posts on this website (recommended by my doctor).
    He is a fantastic PCP and very knowledgeable on so many subjects, including MTHFR, however he is not a pregnancy expert.
    My Ob/GYN knows nothing on the subject. I even went to the Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor who “heard something” about MTHFR, and suggested treating it with mega doses of folic acid (which I already knew was totally wrong!). He did though tested me for clotting disorders and all that came back normal (Factor V Leiden, Cardiolipins, homocysteine etc). Homocysteine was 7.3.

    I’m currently 36yo and trying to conceive our 2nd child. My son who is 3yo has ASD (mild, and considered high functioning) nevertheless not a typical child.
    I was totally unaware of my methylation status until last year. During my pregnancy I was taking folic acid (UGH!) and was horribly sick with morning sickness (that lasted all day) for the 1st half of my pregnancy. Before my son, I had 4 miscarriages and was finally allowed by insurance company to see a fertility specialist who put me on progesterone, and I was able to carry to term.

    Only last year when we started seeing our current PCP (our old one retired), he recommended doing 23 and Me for both – myself and my son. It turned out, we’re both compound hetero for C677T and A1298C. We’re also both homozygotous for MTRR A66G.
    I’m also homozygotous for MTRA2756G, and for both of COMT – homo V158M and H62H.
    My hair metals test shows elevated arsenic (same for my son, and he came elevated for lead as well!).
    I have hypothyroidism (currently taking new medicine WP Thyroid, as this is the cleanest formulation on the market).
    Also followed Suzi Cohen’s advice and taking her ThyroScript to optimize thyroid function. Did a course of Adrenal Supplements. Trying to detox (making green smoothies, taking L-methylfolate by Pure Encapsulations and Hydroxy B12 by Seeking health).
    I’m having a difficult time finding prenatals, as they’re all loaded with methylcobalamin which I’m not able to tolerate due to my homo COMT status.

    We would really like to try for another child (and my husband is in his 50s), so it’s likely the last chance for us.
    Would you please be so kind to answer a couple of questions?

    1) Since all prenatals contain huge doses of Methylcobalamin which I’m not able to tolerate due to Homo COMT status – what should I do? Just take L-methylfolate and Hydroxy B12 and eat a healthy diet?

    2) I can not get an answer from ANYONE on whether I need a blood thinner? All my clotting tests came back normal but I’m still considering at least 1 Baby aspirin a day – do you agree? If so, how long to take it for? Entire pregnancy?

    3) Are there ways to address COMT mutations? My understanding is Homo means excess estrogen? How would this affect pregnancy and what to do about it?

    4) I was reading Dr. Yasko (for my son’s issues) and she says to not address MTHFR, MTR and MTRR etc. UNTIL SHMT, CBS and ACAT are addressed. Unfortunately, 23 and Me didn’t test for half of them, and Yasko’s test is $500! How true is this in your practice that addressing second priority mutations before the first priority ones, did harm?

    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! I would greatly appreciate your advice.


    Lea (Admin)
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    Hello Tatiana,

    Sterling is actually a researcher not a practitioner and is unavailable to reply at the moment so I am forwarding your post to a practitioner. Please understand that neither Sterling, the practitioners or admins can diagnose or provide treatment on this forum. Answers to questions may only be of a general nature. Your patience in awaiting a reply is appreciated as it may not be possible for them to reply immediately but they do their best.

    Thank you


    Tatiana Reynolds
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    Lea, thank you so much for your help. I look forward to hearing from the practitioner. Many thanks once again!

    Cynthia Smith
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    Hi Tatiana,

    What is your MTHFS status? Many of the Prenatals include folinic acid. Those who take folinic acid and have MTHFS block the folate receptors. Its similar to taking folic acid.

    SO, I have recommended a supplement called B Minus to others in your situation. Its sans B12 and folate, so you can augment them separately. In your case, you may want to augment with hydroxy B12 due to COMT status, and a good multi mineral. I like the one from Vital Nutrients. If you select that one, then you need Authorization Code 0648. As far as folate, you may want to layer in a single supp like Folapro from Metagenics or one from Seeking Health. As I don’t know your DHFR, MTHFD! and MTHFR status, Im not sure how much you may need.

    When you are cycling, you may also want to take calcium-D-glucarate to assist in clearing estrogens. If you do not have CBS C699T SNPs, a good source of sufur may be helpful so that your PMS symptoms are less. Again, Vital Nutrients; http://www.vitalnutrients.net/Products/DeTox-Formula.

    Estrogen is cleared via 3 pathways; methylation (COMT so the mineral blend), glucaronidation, and sulfation.

    You can contact me off-line. c.smith@lifezonewellness.com.

    Dr Jacquie
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    Hi Tatiana,
    There is help for you and your 3yo son. I am Arizona licensed naturopathic physician and have a masters in Chinese medicine. I have found that fertility, neuropsych and developmental issues need appropriate diet and strategic supplementation based on your genetic information. In addition to the MTHFRSupport report I analyse many additional SNPs and review the research that is pertinent to each patient that I help. I use additional tests to verify current metabolic imbalances and adjust dietary and supplement intake accordingly. Often correcting digestive and energy issues with herbal formulas derived from a Chinese assessment serve to enhance the utilisation of supplementation and can support the body to detoxify and chelate toxic metals from the patient’s DNA adducts. Chinese medicine has been known to facilitate fertility and provide safe relief for morning sickness. I consult with my international patients by Skype. Fertility issues are more complex than just taking B vitamins. I would be happy to help. My email is jacqueline@greenfieldsclinic.co.uk or for more information you can go to http://greenfieldsclinic.co.uk

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    Check out NeilRawlins at the Kadlec Clinic. He is an ob/gyn who is into educating people about MTHFR.


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