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  • nataliealbrecht
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    I’m new to this MTFHR thing. About 2 weeks ago my doctor called me with the results, I’m positive for 1 copy of the C677t variant. My doctor recommended a methylated prenatal vitamin and to remove folic acid products from my diet. After researching this “methylated” topic I’ve come to find out that methylation is synthetic just like folic acid. Is it just a matter of time before we find out that the synthetic methylated products are bad for us too? It seems like it would be better to take a whole food based prenatal vitamin and avoid synthetic anything. Does anyone have any input on this?

    Lea (Admin)
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    Hi Natalie,

    Your question has been forwarded for reply. We appreciate your patience in awaiting a response.


    Cynthia Smith
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    Hi, I understand your confusion however it’s not about synthetic source of Vit B9. Rather, its about the form of Vit B9. Folic acid to useable form requires 5 enzymatic steps to convert it to usable form for methylation. Using 5MTHF skips those enzymatic steps and is the useable form for methyl swap between B9 and B12. Having said that, leafy green are a good source of Vit B9 that can be assimilated and wind its way through the 5 enzymatic steps.
    PreNatals with folic acid can actually block the receptors that take up Vit B9 from leafy greens, and the 5 enzymatic processes, where their output does other good things in body. Cynthia

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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