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    I received my compounded supplements yesterday. Can someone please take a look at it and tell me if it’s something I should be taking or if something should be added? Please keep in mind that my SIBO has not been addressed yet. I really don’t want to make things worse.

    Vit A 10000 IU
    Vit D3 5000 IU
    Vit E 400 IU
    Vit B1 25 mg
    Vit B2 25 mg
    Vit B3 50 mg
    Vit B6 50 mg
    METHY-THF 1200 mcg
    Methylocobalamin 2000 mcg
    Biotin 300 mcg
    Pantothenic Acid 50 mg
    Calcium 200 mg
    Iodine 150 mcg
    Magnesium 200 mg
    Zinc 30 mg
    Selenium 200 mcg
    Copper 2000 mcg
    Manganese Sulfate 5 mg
    Chromium 200 mcg
    CoQ10 200 mg
    Alpha-Lipoic Acid 200 mg
    Carnitine 1000 mg
    Iron 30 mg
    Molybdenum 250 mcg
    NAC 1000 mg
    TMG 500 mg


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    We can not provide that information due to the fact there is no history or current symptoms.

    Cynthia Smith
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    Hi Amanda, Im not sure what your diet consists of, but you may want to get a GI Effects test done to see if your SIBO is the result of Upper GI issues (e.g., low HCL, gallbladder/bile issues, pancreas). Then you can address more effectively. You may want to consider adding in some good omega-3 fatty acids and phospholipid support.

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    I’m compound heterozygous 677/1298. Low B12, high homocysteine, high MMA. 6 weeks of methyl B12 twice a week caused no change in the level. I’ve always been sensitive to medications. Any metal other than titanium causes my skin to react. I’m dealing mainly with fatigue and brain fog. I do not tolerate foods high in sugar whether it is natural sugar in apples or carbs. I’ve been a vegetarian for 20 years and have been following a low fodmap diet for about 1 year which seems to keep my SIBO symptoms controlled. I also take flax seed oil everyday. I’ve had tests done to see what could have possibly caused the sibo and they have all come back normal. My small bowel follow through was normal but it took a very long time for the substance to pass through. They actually had to give me a candy to suck on to speed things along. My GI doctor didn’t seem concerned.

    Cynthia Smith
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    Hi Amanda, You may be able to lower homocysteine by opening short pathway to convert homocysteine to methionine. You can do this with organic sunflower lecithin liquid (more like an oil). Your skin will thank you. Add it to a smoothie or just eat it from a spoon (1 tsp/day). If you prefer supps, then try TMG. Try the sunflower lecithin first as its perceived as a food by the body, so the body can make “choices” on where to use it. Its loaded with phospho lipids. You may also want to switch to hydroxy B12 and add a 1/2 cap of lithium every other day (apx 2.5) to transport the B12 into the cells. Also, as you have been a vegetarian, you are like low in (acetyl-L) carnitine and B12 so you will have to supplement. Please let me know how things go. Cynthia

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