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    Hi, I am a 24yr old single mother. I have two strains of the C677T deformity, have suffered with depression and anxiety for 15+ years, have heart abnormalities, lax ligaments resulting in constant dislocations, sub clinical hyperthyroidism, adrenal fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome to name a few condition associated with mthfr.

    I have had my neurotransmitters tested. Here are my results;
    serotonin 163.4 (Optimal Range 200-415)
    GABA 403.8 (Optimal Range 600-1100)
    Dopmaine 15.7 (Optimal Range 250-400)
    Noradrenalin 2.8 (Optimal Range 30-50)
    Adrenalin 1.6 (Optimal Range 10-15)
    Glutamate 32.1 (Optimal Range 5-10)

    Though this was a few months ago now and I have indulged in recreational drug use in that time.

    I am working on quitting gluten, have already cut out caffeine, greatly reduced sugar, don’t smoke, don’t drink and am not going to continue taking drugs. My supplement regime at the moment consists of inkephelin, cystine and 2mg of 5-methyltetrahydrofolate and adrenal support three times a day, in the mornings they are accompanied by tyrosine, prodiotics and complete zinc and in the evening it’s accompanied by an activated complete b supplement. I usually have these an hour before meals.

    I’m just wondering if anyone could give me an idea of how long it will take for me to pick up on this regime or if there is anything else that I’m missing. I’m the worst I have ever been in this past month and am greatly concerned.

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    You have had a practitioner (Cynthia L. Smith) reply back to you in this thread:

    Hi Lea, You likely have GI issues and not absorbing amino acids well. I can’t diagnose with out knowing more, but I suggest that you take some upper GI support (Pancreatin with Ox Bile from Vital Nutrients with food With every meal that includes fats/animal protein
    – Pancreatin with Ox Bile Extract; start with one cap and move to two with meals that include fat/animal protein. (Gallbladder and pancreatic support)
    Authorization Code: 0648

    You will need to register to gain account and order) and address adrenals.

    The conversion between dopamine to nor-dpi and epi requires SAMe and Cortisol, so you may need a bit of SAMe. I think that your adrenals are pooped out and you are not making enough cortisol. Consider taking B5 twice per day along with Ashwaganda. Both before breakfast and dinner. Cynthia

    I suggest you work with a practitioner because yours is a conmplex case and I’m concerned of your regime especially taking so many supplements. “I’m the worst I have ever been in this past month and am greatly concerned.” This is why you shouldn’t be self-treating because you can make matters worse.

    I highly suggest contacting a practitioner who is familiar with methylation. You can either go to the top of this page and click Our Team to pick someone or just go to Find a Practitioner and pick someone. Most of the practitioners will work through Skype and can order critical lab tests for you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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