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    A year ago I went gluten-free,dairy-free, soy-free, and corn-free and feel really now good except I get diarrhea in the morning and loose bowels when I go into certain buildings/stores (MCS). I was diagnosed with microscopic colitis in 2007 and was tested at Enterolab to see what foods I have to avoid.

    Right now I eat pork 3x a day and banana bread that I make with very few ingredients. I know a terrible diet.

    I know I need to eat a more varied diet, but don’t even know where to start. My doctors are fed up with me because I can’t tolerate so many foods and supplments. I went to a functional medicine doc and she wanted me to take digestive enzymes and probiotics, then the methyl folate (20 drops) and L-g. But, I couldn’t tolerate the enzymes or probiotics and had even more diarrhea. She finally just said I need to eat a more varied diet.

    I have my 23andme report which I uploaded into the Sterling app.

    I began taking methyl folate a week ago, but just 2 drops of the Optimal Liposomal(Seekinghealth) I am going very slowly because I read I should.

    Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks

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    That was a huge mistake. You’re not supposed to take bioactive B-s and glutamine in a state like that. I’m sorry to say that but your FDN seems to be clueless when it comes to gut health and methylation.

    I’ve said this a long time ago. There are not many things that can harm your adrenal glands more than starvation. Not even mercury fillings nor Lyme.

    You see, your adrenal glands produce cortisol which helps to regulate blood sugar. By starving yourself and not eating a variety of foods the following happens:

    1. Your adrenal glands work extra hard to produce more and more cortisol to compensate for blood sugar decrease (which foods will help to increase). This extra production will hamper proper sex hormone regulations, because your adrenal glands and hormonal status are related.

    2. You are missing vital nutritients like vitamins, minerals out of your diet. The amino acids found in pork are rich sources, but still you have to take my 1st point into consideration as well as missing the other vital nutrients that pork is lacking of.

    Supplements should be introduced when you are already on a healthy diet and feeling better. I’m just telling you this from my own experience. You will be running around in circles buying more and more supplements if a proper diet is not in place.
    Your biggest enemy, as well as your best friend here is cortisol, the stress hormone secreted by the adrenals.

    My suggestion is to seek help from one of our practitioners who understand that gut health comes first. Just click on Our Team on the top of this page. They do work through Skype consultations and are able to order proper testing for you.

    At this point I wouldn’t try to experiment with supplements other than what a practitioner would recommend who is familiar with gut health.

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    Are saying that I should not take the folate yet? Thanks for your help

    Cynthia Smith
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    Istvan makes a good point, but it seems like we have a chicken/egg situation here. If you are going to take any sups, then start with foundational B vitamins and a good multi mineral. Here are some links:
    Kreb’s Cycle Support & “downstream” Neurotransmitter Pathway Support. The B Minus and MultiMineral are very important in providing co-factor necessary for “down-steam” methylation enzymatic reactions.

    – B Minus – 1 cap per day
    http://www.seekinghealth.com/?siteID=dF_LIvhQJ98-uR2UZRw9OQ.Vz3zmcadshA (please copy and paste in a browser, then search in the search box)
    – MultiMineral: (2 caps in am and 2 caps in pm, with food. Start with 1 cap and then increase slowly. After a few weeks, drop down to ½ dose daily)
    I94 (I like ice cream, not the number 1).

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