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    I was recently diagnosed with one copy each of the two most common MTHFR mutations. The doc put me on Thorne Labs Basic Nutrients, digestive enzymes, and probiotics. She gave me only general dietary advice, e.g., never eat wheat, because it has been hybridized. She did not explain that these mutations might not be expressing, nor did she mention possible risks of eating food fortified with folic acid, if the mutations are in fact expressing.
    The doc said nothing about testing for other mutations to help determine the best treatment plan. She sold me herbs for a parasite cleanse, and gave me instructions for a liver cleanse, which I am to undergo once I complete the parasite cleanse. The parasite cleanse has caused a bit of discomfort, so I’ve had to stop and restart it a couple of times. I really don’t want to do the liver cleanse, as I’m afraid it will give me an upset stomach–not my favorite thing. 🙂
    I’m confused as to what my next course of action should be, and am trying to educate myself. I’m unclear as to how knowledgeable this doc really is about treating MTHFR. She tends to become sarcastic when I ask questions. I’m in Texas, and your practitioner page lists no docs in my state.
    Can you suggest some questions I could ask, and tests I might consider requesting?

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    Hi PaulaJ!

    Here are the things you may do:

    A: Find another practitioner (if you look under our Find a Practitioner MOST of them do Skype consults and that includes ordering lab tests).

    B: Contact Sterling Hill Erdei so that you can introduce your doctor to her. Sterling will teach her the basics of methylation, nutrigenomics, 23andMe, SNPs etc. but your doctor must be open minded.

    Sterling’s e-mail address is: beclotaware@gmail.com

    Hope this helps!

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