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    I am a 23 year old single mother from Queensland, Australia. After suffering from clinical depression since I was 9 and anxiety from 16, I had exhausted every treatment option, natural, alternative, medical or otherwise. I had a break in my depression during pregnancy and for about a year after, but after quitting Gluten due to my son’s intolerance my anxiety went away and my depression returned. I have since been seeing a naturopath, hypnotherapist, doctor and counsellor to help me through. After 6 months and $4,000 on the naturopath alone I could no longer afford her help and am now in a rut. No doctors close to me understand the MTHFR deformity, I’m not even sure I do. I can’t cope with my son, I’m failing my study and I am getting so depressed and angry that I’m scared for our lives. I can’t keep living like this anymore, I’m hoping someone on here could point me in the direction of some help or treatment options.

    My test says that I have two deformed C677T genes and I only received this diagnoses a few months ago so know very little about it. I was also diagnosed as asperges last year and have no family support so would appreciate any help I can get.

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    You should have your neurotransmitters checked. Sometimes the benefits of going gluten free can outweigh the risks and sometimes it can’t. A brain of an Asperger’s person is physically different than an NT-s. I highly suggest testing dopamine levels specifically and I do feel that this could be significant despite the MTHFR gene.

    As for MTHFR I suggest reading our FAQ: https://www.facebook.com/notes/mthfr-support/faq/774091042609135

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    I have had my neurotransmitters tested. Here are my results;
    serotonin 163.4 (Optimal Range 200-415)
    GABA 403.8 (Optimal Range 600-1100)
    Dopmaine 15.7 (Optimal Range 250-400)
    Noradrenalin 2.8 (Optimal Range 30-50)
    Adrenalin 1.6 (Optimal Range 10-15)
    Glutamate 32.1 (Optimal Range 5-10)

    Though this was taken 3-4 months ago and I have since had several relapses of depression and even some recreational drug use.

    Cynthia Smith
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    Hi Lea, You likely have GI issues and not absorbing amino acids well. I can’t diagnose with out knowing more, but I suggest that you take some upper GI support (Pancreatin with Ox Bile from Vital Nutrients with food With every meal that includes fats/animal protein
    – Pancreatin with Ox Bile Extract; start with one cap and move to two with meals that include fat/animal protein. (Gallbladder and pancreatic support) http://www.vitalnutrients.net/Products/Product.aspx?ID=117
    Authorization Code: 0648

    You will need to register to gain account and order) and address adrenals.

    The conversion between dopamine to nor-dpi and epi requires SAMe and Cortisol, so you may need a bit of SAMe. I think that your adrenals are pooped out and you are not making enough cortisol. Consider taking B5 twice per day along with Ashwaganda. Both before breakfast and dinner. Cynthia

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    Hi Lea,

    I suffered major depressive disorder and have the same exact mutation of my MTHFR gene as you do. For me, it got better when I started taking B vitamins and Deplin. Deplin is L-methylfolate in its purest form. As my doctor explained to me, the mutation in the MTHFR gene causes problems in our bodies because we cannot turn folic acid into L-methylfolate. It’s the L-methylfolate that’s needed to bring us dopamine, neuropenephrine (SP?) and serotonin, chemicals incredibly important in regulating mood. I hope this helps you a little. If it’s anything, please know that you are not struggling alone and please try to stay strong for you and your soon. You can do this, Lea!

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