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  • Sheyda
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    So, I’m 22-years old and have been going crazy trying to figure out why I haven’t felt well in years. I think it all started back in high school when an SNP was turned on from major stress, and then propagated when I took antibiotics for acne (only 2 months). However, that started a whirlwind of symptoms, which I first cut out dairy, then gluten, then other foods. I became extremely ill my sophomore year (lethargy, parasites, H.Pylori, unbalanced hormones, adrenal fatigue, IBS, irritability, brain fog, mood swings).

    Luckily, none of it had an effect on how I did in school, but I look back often and wonder how I did it. I’ve lead an pretty healthy lifestyle (never drinking in college, extremely healthy diet, minimal exercise). Although, I feel better, I still feel like I am not all here. In fact, I have this intense fear (worsened by my inability to deal with anxiety) that I will lead a very limited life, and that I will die early on. I still deal with acne (although, not as bad) and my hair has begun to thin (probably due to increased adrenal fatigue and stress). The mood swings and inability to sleep are also intense right now. I recently took the 23andme test to find out that I have some mutations that will make treatment a little difficult in my eyes. I was wondering if there was anyone that could help me interpret the results into a treatment plan, or any guidance at all really. I fear that I have too many that are difficult to deal with? So, if anyone could offer emotional support in that sense that would be a blessing as well. I just need to know that it can get better, and that I won’t have to limit sulfur foods & protein forever mainly because of the CBS mutation (although they are bad for the mutation, they are necessary for life). I just want to know that I can live a long, happy life not always having to worry about my health. I am already petite, at 4’11′ and 94 lbs. I don’t want to cut everything out, and drop weight and cause adrenal stress again.

    COMT V158M
    COMT H62H
    VDR Bsm
    VDR Ta!
    MTHFR C677
    MTHFR A1298C
    MTR A27566
    MTRR A664A

    Homo (This is the one I’m worried about)

    Cynthia Smith
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    Hi Sheyda, COMT SNPs (4 lane highway) became too slow once your estrogen levels began to rise and needed 8 lanes. Also, CSB C699T is likely generating ammonia.

    I received your VM and will email you back to set up appointment. Cynthia

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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