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  • Pamela Carneal
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    I am a 57 yr old, white, female. I began LCHF/ketogenic in earnest January 2014 (prior to that I was moving towards it and certainly was eating much cleaner than your average SAD (I lost (and kept off) 30 lbs in the previous 2 yrs while cleaning up my diet. I have another 20 to go). I am resisting my PCPs suggestion to go back on statins and follow a LF diet. I quit statins nearly 3 yrs ago after 20 yrs of them having little to no effect, regardless of lifestyle changes. I have always followed the traditional cholesterol blood tests, but just recently asked my PCP for the additional inflammation markers be added to my regular lipid panels. She does not yet know of the genetic testing I had done on my own. If I am interpreting this correctly, while my levels could be better, they are moving in the right direction. Any feedback you could give me would be greatly appreciated as I prepare for my next visit with her.

    My last blood test results:
    HDL: 46 (06/11/2014) 52 (12/31/13)
    LDL: 174 (06/11/2014) 180 (12/31/2013)
    Trig: 161 (06/11/2014) 188 (12/31/13)
    Total Chol: 247 (06/11/2014) 263 (12/31/13)

    Homocysteine 5.8 (06/11/2014) – range <6.3
    CRP – 7.1 (06/11/2014) – range ≤10 mg/L
    Lp-LPA2 (PLAC-R) – 204 (7/18/14) – range 85 – 259 mg/L
    Lipoprotein A – ≤10 nmol/L (7/18/14) – range <75 nmol/L/min/Ml
    Apo-B – 136* (06/11/2014) – range 49-103
    *do not know if that was Apo-B 48 or Apo-B 100

    MTHFR A1298C
    SNP: rs1801131
    My Genotype: TT

    MTHFR C677T
    SNP: rs1801133
    My Genotype: AG

    In addition to other supplements, I take these supplements to support MTHFR:
    Methyl B-12 (Methylcobalamin) – 5000 mcg daily
    Methyl Folate (65)-5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid glucosamine salt – 800 mcg daily

    Cynthia Smith
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    Hi, Kudos for working towards improving your health!
    Just a quick note….Beside the low HDL, your hs CRP is high. This indicates some sort of generalized, ongoing inflammation. You may want to do some Functional Medicine testing via Genova Diagnostics (e.g., GI Effects, NutrEval) and go ahead and do your 23andMe test so that you can get a more robust picture of your genetics via Sterlings App, when your raw data is delivered to you. You may contact me via my email if you would like more info. c.smith@lifezonewellness.com
    PS Ask you Doc to show you studies that indicate longer life in women who take statins. Statins are quite helpful for some (mostly men). Having said that, they “treat the numbers” and I have yet to see a sound study that definitively shows benefit to women’s lifespans and overall health. Studies paid for by Big Pharma are suspect.

    Pamela Carneal
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    Actually, my HDL is improving. For the last 20 yr, while on statins, it was never above 37. And I do already have my 23andme data and have run it thru Sterling’s app. I also have bilateral Neurogenic Thoracic Oulet Syndrome. No doubt that contributes to in inflammation.

    Pamela Carneal
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    I forwarded the information you asked for and some additional info too.

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