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    I completed an IVF cycle and had all the embryos tested for genetic abnormalities and in doing that learned that all the embryos are males. We made a transfer that ended in miscarriage. I was then tested for MTHFR and I am hetero A 1298C and my husband is hetero C677T. Im extreamly concerned about the potential link of autism to MTHFR and additionally concerned since all our embryos are male, which seem to have higher incidence. My husband and I have been taking the equivalent of metanx for the pst 6 months, since learning about being MTHFR carriers.

    My question is, if we transfer these embryos, that were retrieved prior to us taking metanx for our MTHFR, is their a high chance of these DNA strands being active, or do we help our chances of lessening these strands as long as I continue to take the vitamins while Im pregnant? In other words, would doing another round of IVF after having been on vitamins for the last 6 months increase our chances to have less active strands in future embryos and in turn lessen our odds of perhaps having the associated autism?

    Thank You

    Cynthia Smith
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    Hi, Simply having MTHFR SNPs will not foretell ASD. ASD is multifactorial. SNPs may or may not express, depending on diet, environment; lifestyle in general. As you are asking the question, I know that you are concerned enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s not about the SNPs, its about their expression via the epigenome. When you decide to move forward with next pregnancy attempt, consider Seeking Health prenatal (not just Metanx equivalent). Cynthia

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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