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    I have some questions about what a consultation with Sterling entails. I have my data from 23&me and will run the results through your app. I am wanting to know if the consult is strictly focused on Sterling interpreting what is wrong, or if she suggests supplements, protocols, etc, based on the data and my particular health situation? Does she say the order she feels problems should be addressed? I know she isn’t a doctor but I’m hoping she makes suggestions based on my situation.

    I am one of the “difficult patients” Sterling talks about, and I often have unexpected reactions to supplements, dosages, etc. So I’m also wondering if the consult is just a one time deal, or if there can be any type of on-going relationship based on how I am doing?

    I appreciate any feedback anyone can offer!

    Lea (Admin)
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    Hi amyvon,

    Sterling doesn’t interpret your report she informs you about the SNPs on the Variant and Excipient reports generated by Sterling’s App. She doesn’t suggest supplements specifically for you. There are no protocols as treatment is individual and determining what treatment if necessary for you involves much more than just SNPs. You need to seek a practitioner who is experienced in this field to work with for treatment advice, supplement recommendations and ongoing support. SNPs are not treated the person who has them expressing is. There is an order of treatment but that is individual depending on your health history. Correct Sterling is not a practitioner and will not make suggestions based on your individual situation. Sterling provides these appointments as an opportunity to share general information and they are not intended to be used for you to treat yourself or to replace working with a practitioner. Practitioners experienced in this field can be found on the Find A Practitioner listing here on this website (see tab above). Most will consult by Skype or phone worldwide.
    If you wish to proceed with arranging an appointment with Sterling please contact her PA on (504) 415 6350 during weekday business hours.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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