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    I was diagnosed with compound heterozygous 677T and 1298C a few weeks ago. I’ve suffered for years from digestive problems, terrible insomnia, brain fog, depression, anxiety, low cholesterol (109 total), low testosterone, severe chemical sensitivity and low body weight. All of this despite the fact that I eat an extremely clean diet (no dairy, gluten, mostly organic for 8 years), do coffee enemas daily, drink RO water and sit in the sauna at least 3x/week.

    My naturopath is cleaning up my gut with antibiotics and Nystatin (after running a 3 day stool test) and put me on hormone replacements. I’ve been taking adrenal support supplements for a few years as well. And he put me on Nature Throid for hypothyroid. It all seems to help slightly but I feel from what I’ve read about MTHFR that this may be the missing piece of the puzzle.

    He told me to take methylated vitamins B2, B6 and B12. I ran out and bought a B vitamin supplement with cofactors. Felt terrible after 2 days before I realized it had folic acid in it. I bought 5-MTHF and Methyl B12 and started taking those a few days ago. I’ve definitely improved, sleeping better and more energy.

    I’m trying to figure out if I should also do the 23andme test? Should I also be taking B2 and B6? Is having both mutations worse than just a single mutation? I know that hetero is not as severe as homo…but what if I have both hetero mutations?? Help….

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    If your condition is that severe then yes, these genetic issues need to be taken into consideration. Folic acid is the bad guy, and folate found in leafy greens and certain fruits is the good.

    If someone has MTHFR polymorphisms expressing, then he/she needs to take methylfolate in order to bypass this defect. Folate is important for immune system support and brain health, not to mention it plays a key role in conceiving and development in children.

    23andMe test is valuable if you want to look more into what could be causing your issues. I recommend it.
    Glad to know that the methyl B supplement is helping you.

    I suggest reading the FAQ for further information: https://www.facebook.com/mthfrsupport/notes

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    Thank you Istvan for the response. I will do the 23andme test soon. So far the Methylfolate and MethylB12 is helping…

    Cynthia Smith
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    Hi, While you are waiting for 23andMe results, You amy want to address “downstream” methylation support first with B Minus and a good Multimineral. Im including some links below. Do not push methylation in the meantime other than eating leafy greens. Best to not push gas pedal until break system is in place. Address adrenals and GI health first, and then layer in downstream methylation support.
    Kreb’s Cycle Support & “downstream” Neurotransmitter Pathway Support. The B Minus and MultiMineral are very important in providing co-factor necessary for “down-steam” methylation enzymatic reactions.

    – B Minus – 1 cap per day
    http://www.seekinghealth.com/?siteID=dF_LIvhQJ98-uR2UZRw9OQ.Vz3zmcadshA (please copy and paste in a browser, then search in the search box)
    – MultiMineral: (2 caps in am and 2 caps in pm, with food. Start with 1 cap and then increase slowly. After a few weeks, drop down to ½ dose daily)
    I94 (I like ice cream, not the number 1).

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    This is very helpful, thank you! I will order these supplements today and begin as soon as they arrive. Still awaiting my 23andme results….


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