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    I just experienced my second miscarriage due to cystic hygromas and hydrops, chromosomal abnormalities. My doctors have dismissed mthfr for the cause. I am homo mthfr 677 and compound hetero cbs mutation. I am planning on doing a full blood work panel this week to determine if my ammonia, sulfur, taurine etc are high. I really don’t have any expressed symptoms of either mutation. I do have brain fog, body aches, feeling sleepy when I don’t get a great night sleep, and sensitivities with processed foods. During my pregnancy my homocysteine was a 6 and I was alternating between garden of eden prenatal with folate, seeking health prenatal and active b12 and methylfolate as well as camu camu, b complex, probiotics and fish oil. I also avoid toxins, eat organic, juice a couple times a week etc. I did notice where I took too much methylfolate I experienced knee pain but for the most part felt good. I am so confused as to which nutritional and supplemental program I should be on. How do I know which one to treat, the mthfr or cbs or both at the same time. I have repeatedly contacted several doctors hoping to get some help. I am desperate for advice from others in the same situation that have gotten help. Thank you!

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    Hello Mariah,

    I am so sorry for your loss. I hope we will be able to assist you in finding a practitioner to work with who can provide you with answers. The practitioners on this listing https://mthfrsupport.com/find-a-practitioner/ are experienced in interpretation, methylation and nutrigenomics and should be able to assist you. Treatment is individualized so what has helped someone else may not be right for you and why it is best to work on any health issues you may have under the supervision of an experienced practitioner. Getting foundational issues in check is very important. For example if a person’s gut is not working well and there are malabsorption issues one may not be getting the full benefit of supplements taken. Sleep and diet also need to be looked at in case there are any issues needing to be worked on. As these come into balance sometimes methylation can correct itself without supplementation. This is why practitioners treat the person and not the SNP. Just because you have a SNP does not mean it is expressing and treating it when inappropriate to do so may cause harm.

    The practitioner’s fees vary so you would need to contact them direct for information about consultation fees. Many do consult via Skype or phone globally so this can be an advantage providing a wider choice of who to work with. Their websites can be accessed from the red icons on the map on the listing which I have linked above. Details of their areas of interest may be found there.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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