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Vitamin A & Vision –
Let’s See What Can Be Done

For those who are in need of vitamin A, but have dry eye and sun sensitivity. The BCO1/BCMO1 gene helps you convert beta carotene into vitamin A for good eye health. Some people have trouble converting beta carotene into vitamin A.

As you go about your life, the light you see generates electrical signals in your eyes. These signals cause a reaction in the brain, and it can be quite intense even in everyday light.

While everyone squints in the bright sun, some people – often those with migraines, cluster headaches, brain trauma or dry eyes – are extremely sensitive to even small amounts of light. They end up spending much of their lives isolated in a dark room or wearing sunglasses to try to keep their pain from getting even worse.

There is an amazing product out there that can help ones with sun sensitivity:

The Alley Lamp

“Our flagship Allay Lamp is uniquely soothing to your eyes and brain, even when you’re most sensitive to light. Discovered by a Harvard Medical School neuroscientist, Allay’s patented band of light is calming even during a migraine – or any time – helping you get back to reading, working, and being yourself.”

Prof. Rami Burstein has discovered a precise narrow band of natural light that lets you see and function without the discomfort of everyday lightthe Allay band of light.

Soothing Your Eyes and Brain

Allay isn’t just any green light bulb. Designed by a former NASA engineer, our custom LEDs make Allay the ONLY device with the precision to emit the narrow band of wavelengths discovered in Prof. Burstein’s research.

After years of migraine research, Harvard Prof. Rami Burstein discovered a unique narrow band of green light that creates smaller electrical signals in the brain than everyday light.

The result? A calmer brain and a happier you.

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