245 years ago, a group of individuals set in motion a series of events that would ultimately change the world. They began a trend that saw power transferred from the wealthy, landed elite to the common citizen. A trend that, for the last two and a half centuries, has continued to see more and more people, both inside the United States and abroad, earn the right to have a say in their own government and greater society.

At MTHFR Support we appreciate the notion that even the little guy could and should have a big voice when it matters. We sincerely hope this trend continues to strengthen and grow for the next two and a half centuries and beyond.

In celebration of those individuals, and the risk they took, almost 250 years ago, we’re offering 25% off all report orders on the United States’ Independence Day, July 4th, and and the day it’s observed this year, July 5th. We wish you all the best and have a safe, healthy, and happy 4th of July!

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