We’ve again updated and expanded our COVID-19 report and Gene/SNP guide! This time we focused on G6PD and more than tripled the number of secondary SNPs we’re looking at. Iron upregulation is happening to many who get COVID-19. G6PD SNPs are categorized into Class I, II and III as the WHO classifies them.

  • Class I: Severe deficiency (<10% activity) with chronic (nonspherocytic) hemolytic anemia

  • Class II: Severe deficiency (<10% activity), with intermittent hemolysis

  • Class III: Mild deficiency (10-60% activity), hemolysis with stressors only

Previously generated reports are already being updated for free; if your report says v1.2 then you have already received the update.

We’re planning additional updates every few weeks to a month regarding the COVID-19 report. Iron upregulation issues are a major focus as well as TNF and HLA all coming soon.

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Need help with the guide & report?

There's quite a lot of information to parse in our COVID-19 guide and much of it is a little technical. There are people out there that can help. In addition to the pracitioners on our Find A Pracitioner page the following people can help you make sense of the information available: