We’re pleased to announce a new update to our flagship report. As usual, all your old reports will be updated over the course of the next week or so, provided you haven’t deleted your raw data from our site.

In this update you will see new BCMO1 SNPs. BCMO1 and BCO1 are the same. Some call them BCO1 and others BCMO1 so you will see next to the SNPs under eye health BCMO1/BCO1. We also have AMPD1, AMPD2, and AMPD3 launching under the mitochondrial section and they will have their own unique section since these are coming up recently in studies and in health groups. These genes are related to a metabolic disorder resulting in exercise-related myopathy. It is characterized by exercise-induced muscle aches, cramps, and early fatigue.

Finally you may see some minor structural changes to the report that reflect our ongoing research into SNPs already present on the report.