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Upcoming Summit from MTHFR Support AU

Attention all practitioners interested in methylation and Genomics. The US methylation and Genomics summit is coming to Chicago in July. Please put this in your diary. There will be a basics class online leading up to the event for those of you that are new to this subject and feel like you need a refresher [...]

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My NES Health Testimonial

I recently did something for my health that really surprised me. I tried Bioenergetics - a program called NES Health - with my friend Wendy Myers of She'd been asking me to try it for a few months. I'd have tried it sooner had I known how fast and effective my results would be! [...]

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Variant Report Update – New Molybdenum Section

The Variant Report of Sterling’s App now has a new Molybdenum section. Molybdenum when in excess can elevate uric acid levels and also disrupt other minerals. When molybdenum is deficient is can impair sulfation. So molybdenum like other minerals require balance. There are some out there with certain SUOX mutations who may require more molybdenum [...]

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