I fractured my neck and skull which was misdiagnosed as whiplash and a concussion. A few years later I developed IVDD in my lumbar region. Before doctors went in and started repairing things, they had me on narcotics, muscle relaxants and benzodiazepines. After having multiple surgeries to repair damage, I decided enough was enough. I started asking multiple doctors to remove me off of these drugs, I was told no and that I would be on them for life. I knew at this point that I did not want to stay on addictive drugs and against medical advice came off of them one pill at a time. For two months, my life was a living hell. The withdrawals were extreme. I will not get into details but I would like to tell you all a little about genetics and how they can play a part in addiction.

The worst addicts are COMT V158M H62H +/+ (homozygous) because their opiate receptors are impaired up to sixty percent and up to ninety percent when VDR bsm is -/- along with COMT being +/+ and they actually feel pain tenfold. Six percent of the population are COMT V158M +/+ with VDR Bsm +/+ or +/- and two percent of the population are COMT V158M +/+ and VDR Bsm -/-. Approximately sixty percent of heroin addicts are COMT V158M +/+ H62H +/+ and VDR Bsm -/-.

When glutamate is high and GABA is low, this group of individuals are at higher risk of drug and alcohol addiction. The GAD gene requires lactobacillus, b6, P5P (coenzymated form of b6) and lysine. People who are deficient of any of these are more likely to become addicted to heroin and alcohol because both temporarily make GABA. If you are having trouble with this pathway and you take an opiate and are not addressing this, you are more likely to become addicted.

  • Anyone that has to be on opiates for a longer than a week should look into niacin (NAD) for COMT activity and replace if needed.
  • Methylfolate and methyl b12 may be contradicted at this time as they can cause even more downregulation of COMT activity so folate rich foods (leafy greens, beans, pastured eggs, berries and dessicated liver) and hydroxy or adenosyl b12 may be better choices for them.
  • Also looking into their lysine, p5p, b6 and lactobacillus and replacing especially while on opiates will help with risk of addiction and help the GAD gene function.