I have been on the road filming farmers with chronic health issues that have been exposed to glyphosate at toxic  levels. This has become pretty pricey.


MTHFR Support is headed to Washington DC on June 14th and 15th. We are going to be speaking to the EPA on the 14th with other advocates, practitioners and research scientists on the dangers of Roundup Ready GMO’s. On the 15th we will be doing a Senatorial press conference. The Associated Press will be interviewing us.

I will be bringing a professional film crew to document our meeting at Capitol Hill. They will be interviewing others such as Zen Honeycutt, Stephanie Seneff, Stephen Frantz and Cynthia Smith. I also want them filming the AP interviewing me since the media sometimes has a way of twisting our words.


This documentary will take a few years and a few hundred thousand dollars to get to the public professionally.

Philip Adrian Booth Director/Cinematographer/Editor/Writer at Twintalk Entertainment and Film Director at Syfy and  Sony Pictures will be doing this documentary.  Right now he is doing it with no compensation. We cannot get this documentary up and running without him. This will be a top quality professional documentary before we launch it.


I have already been working on it for a year now. So another year to go.


Stephen Frantz is spearheading this Washington DC meeting and says it best: Glyphosate is the most widely used herbicide in the world, and one of the most dangerous toxic substances ever created. For 40+ years, it has been registered by the EPA for widespread home, aquatic, and agricultural use! Right now, all over the nation, this poison is being sprayed on our food crops, and at our homes, schools, playgrounds, parks, roadsides, hiking trails and forests. Such practices are unethical, unsafe, and probably unlawful.


I will be speaking about the dangers of glyphosate and how it impacts DNA.


The link where you can donate will be going directly to Philip Adrian Booth and his wife Ivana Bosnjack so he can get on the road with his film crew and start filming more experts around the world.

Here is where you can donate: https://www.paypal.me/IvanaBosnjak